October 14th, 2012

Floridas weather has been awesome lately.  Today I got to ride in mid 70’s, with a breeze.  WONDERFUL!!!

Anyways, got out to the barn, and my trainer was grooming Libby for me.  The groom must not have done a great job when she came in from the paddock, because she was FILTHY.  She is also already hairy, and we spoke about possibly clipping her soon, which I don’t want to do, but also don’t want to pay for.  Such a dilemma.

Got her all groomed up, while my trainer was speaking to some clients, and got tacked up super slow.  We switched her back to the pelham, since she went best in it, and we just wanted to get some control back.  Then after searching the whole barn for a back pad, since I still haven’t ordered mine yet, I finally found a nasty old dirty one behind a tack trunk, and put my saddle on and got on. 

I immediately sent Libby to work, bending around my leg, doing lots of circles, bending lines, and leg yields, always having her attention on me.  She was a lot better then yesterday, but still not focusing on me completely.  I had to wait for a little bit so the clients could see a baby go, and then we got to the jumping.  She was being so much better, and I was RIDING! Like actually riding!  When she pulled, I’d get after her, and when she tried bulging I’d get after her, and so on.  I was so proud of myself, and of her because she was being so good.  She still did try to test me, but I never gave her a second to think she was actually going to get away with it, and it worked.  I got off feeling very satisfied with my ride, knowing that I made her do everything I wanted. 

Happy Shelley and a tired Libby 🙂

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