October 15th, 2012

Monday I needed to ride early, I had a test later, and I knew my trainer wasn’t going to be out.  She assured me that there would be someone out there when I rode, so I wasn’t too concerned.   Got out and there was NO ONE there.  I started grooming hoping that someone would come out, and thankfully they did.  A groom started painting the fence in the arena.  Hey, at least its someone right?  The owners husband eventually also came out, but for a moment there, I really thought I was going to have to go home without riding.
Got her all tacked up, and got on.  She was much better about being defiant, and was listening a bit more.  She did think about spooking at the groom painting the fence, but I quickly got her attention back on me and she stopped immediately.  Happy about that!!

Overall she was good.  I brought Oscar with me, kept him tied up the whole time though, and she didn’t make a fuss when I would stop her to say something to him.   On a side note, poor Ozzie was so nervous at the barn.  One of the ponies kept pawing his door, and he was TERRIFIED of the noise.  Poor guy 😦

Anyways, Miss Lib was tired after our ride, which doesn’t say much, but she was a bit foamy which I was proud of!

But this ride shows a major problem I have being at this farm, and being at the farm that my trainer is writing up a contract with (twenty min away, 20 stall CBS, medicine paddocks, sounds awesome).  Because my trainer deals with mostly sale horses, and doesn’t have a lot of boarders, and doesn’t want a lot of boarders, I may at times be alone.  And I don’t like that.  Those are going to be days that I don’t ride, just for the safety aspect of it.  Hopefully with the new farm, more girls will come.  Hopefully…

Good girl, waiting for her treat.  Can you tell shes impatient?

My good boy at the barn. 


4 thoughts on “October 15th, 2012

  1. I've run into the same problem, its frustrating when you just want someone else within ear shot for you riding for safety (preferably someone who'd care). Oscar is adorable 🙂


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