October 16th, 2012

On the way out to the barn, I started getting ahead of myself, wondering if Libby was going to be testy or if she had gotten over her defiant stage.  Mid thought, I just had to stop myself.  I need to think positively, and I need to stop knocking myself down before I even get a chance to try.  Many don’t realize how much of a mind game riding is, or any sport for that matter.  But from now on, besides my normal riding homework, I am going to really try and put this pessimism behind me.

Got out to the barn, and was greeted by a nickering Libby, which was an awesome way to walk into the barn.  I brought her to the crossties, and got to work on grooming the dirtball.  She was unfortunately already begun to grow a winter coat, so she has what me and my old barn friends used to call “sticky dirt”.  After admitting defeat to the sandiness, I got on and headed down to the ring to start flatting.

She was AWESOME! Was listening, was responsive, just AWESOME!!! Onto the jumping, the first course we did felt so smooth and flowing, and I had a light bulb moment.  If I keep my hands up in front of me and off her neck, I’m able to adjust her much quicker then if my hands are stuck on her withers.  Oh an if I sit up tall, I have more leverage.  Who knew that all the things your trainer tells you can actually work!!??

ETA Day off tomorrow
And another jump lesson on Thursday then I leave to go home for my brothers engagement party. 


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