October 18th, 2012

Today was the last day I get to ride until I get back from my mini vacation home.  I didn’t get to go out yesterday, because no one was on the property so I didn’t feel comfortable, so I wanted to get this ride in before not being able to ride for another four days.

As I brought Libby out of her stall, I saw that she had pulled a shoe.  And the clip had ripped it up pretty bad.  Thankfully though, the footing at the Williston farm is good, so we just taped it up and I got her ready.  Brought her out and started flatting her.  At the trot she was being great, and only was a bit heavy at the canter.  Overall was being a very good girl.  We started jumping and she was getting heavier, but nothing unmanageable.  I’d be heading to a fence, and say whoa and shes listen right away.  We even did a couple of equitationy/medaly turns, which she was awesome at.  You’d never think she would be because shes such a thick horse, but she bends when she wants to lol.  The only problem we really had was with the blue.  It was going home, and she was just so sure that she needed to take it from SUPER far away.  On the last try, I managed to really hold her back and fit one more much needed step in there, which I was proud of.  Overall I was very happy with her, and proud of how far we’ve come even in a short couple of weeks.  She really did need me to kick her butt a little bit to realize that I’m the boss. 

Hopefully she gets her shoes on as planned today.  She’ll probably get Friday off, then hacked Saturday, and schooled over fences Sunday…

I’ll check back in when I get back!!


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