October 24th, 2012

Came back from my mini vacation late Tuesday, so my first ride back was today.  We’ve switched farriers since I was gone, a decision I think was a long time coming, and her feet looked great today.   Even though I don’t have a before picture, I’ll have to take one of them tomorrow.  They look beautious!

When we got to the barn, I was hoping that we would be done and back on the road home by 5:30.  But, silly me, I forgot that you can’t make plans like that when your dealing with horses and the people that come with them.  A girl was late to try ponies, so my trainer had to help her before C and I could ride.  That lasted until about 5 o’clock, so we weren’t going to make my deadline. 

We watched the girl ride the ponies, and then tacked up for our rides.  C was to ride two horses today, but when she got on the first he was lame so they, meaning C and my trainer, left to get the second horse ready.  During this time, Libby had a little meltdown, and did not like everyone leaving her.  By the time they had come back, she was fighting me, but I didn’t give in and she had her own little lightbulb moment.  She finally realized that I WAS going to make her do what I wanted, whether or not there was a new horsey for her to smell.  Good baby horse.  We flatted, and then I trotted her over two fences, just to keep her mind busy the whole time. 

Schooling over fences tomorrow! Hopefully shes a bit better 🙂


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