October 29th-31st, 2012

Sorry for the lapse in days!  Had a big exam that I was studying for, and couldn’t find the time to enter anything into the blog. 

October 29th:  Went out to the barn just to hack.  Unfortunately for me, the weather has been awful, complete with a sharp drop in temperature and heavy winds.  Not very good baby riding weather.  Libby was up, and it didn’t help that a groom was picking rocks out from the footing.  Every time he threw a rock in his bucket, Libby’s attention was immediately on him.   Oh ADD baby…

I ended up doing lots of lateral work, bending, figure eights, and her favorite, turn on the haunches at the trot.  She was a bit spooky, but generally kept her cool.  But I did have to be firm with her, which I definitely was.   My old trainer used to call these types of rides “set-up” rides.  These rides get all the kinks out for the next time you ride, and normally after these days, the horse is a million times better.  Oh well, she can’t be perfect everyday.

And do to her awful looking hock sores, she has been moved to a stall with rubber mats as opposed to the clay based stall she was in before.  And I have to say, her sores look a lot better.  I don’t know what the difference is for her, but she must not like the clay.  Doesn’t bother me, now she’s closer to the tack room!  Thats prime stall space right there. 🙂

Also I was thinking of getting the Thinline Trifecta pad before, but now I’ve come to find out that it doesn’t come in a small size, and the medium is enormous, so that pads out.  I might just break down and get the same sheepskin pad I had before, but in a smaller size of course.

October 31st:  Happy Halloween Everyone!!!  Libby had a day off Tuesday because of my test.  Got out there today, and thought I was just going to hack, but my trainer had me trot everything, just to keep Libby thinking. She was so good, which further strengthens my “set-up” ride theory.  Tomorrow we are going to be working on controlling her stride, and doing some lengthenings and shortenings.  Gonna be fun 🙂


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