November 1st, 2012

Yesterday was a really great, relaxing ride.  Unfortunately my trainer had an emergency and couldn’t come out, but me and C went out anyways to just hack.

Libby was nice and lazy, perfect for a lax ride.  We really didn’t do much, and worked mostly on her stretchy trot, which is not her forte.  When I give her the reins, she gets a little nervous and doesn’t know exactly what I’m asking and speeds up.  Once she realized she could stretch down and out, she was a happy lazy girl, content to plod around with her nose to the ground.  Gosh I love this mare so much!!!

And I’m doing what I should have done at the beginning of this whole hock sore thing, and I’m documenting it.  Its hard for me to really see if its getting better sometimes, and I think by documenting it with pictures and dates it’ll help a bit.  So without further adieu, here are some gross pictures!

Looking better. 

This is the right hock, which isn’t the bad one as you can tell.  It actually looks a lot better since shes been moved to the rubber matts.

And grossness.

This is the left hock, and obviously her worst sore.   When we first moved her to the new stall it looked like it was getting better, but yesterday it started oozing again, which doesn’t make me happy.  

Thats all I really have for you guys today! Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!
Riding schedule:
Friday – Libs days off
Saturday – hack
Sunday – jump school


10 thoughts on “November 1st, 2012

  1. My mare gets those hock sores – her stall has grid type mats and the bedding is pretty thin. Our TB used to get them until he was moved to a stall with solid rubber mats. Love your new banner pic! Libby looks super!


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