November 3rd,2012

My poor horse is in desperate need of a clip job.  After the strange low temperatures that came in last week, this weekend has been hot.  I’m dropping off my blades and am picking up a new one and some coolant, and then I’m trying it this week.  I think.  My indecisiveness isn’t helpful.

Anyways, Libby was a good girl today.  We did some stride work, lengthening and shortening, and this was tough for her.  Mainly because she gets it in her head that a line IS a four, and nothing else.  She takes some coaxing to do the adds the first time, but she does listen.  We really didn’t work her to hard, it was 85 degrees, and with her coat she was already super sweaty.  So we did the exercise a couple times, and when she gave me a nice easy 5 in the four, we popped her over some fences to reward her a bit.  She was a bit strong to the fences, mostly because she didn’t like the change in routine and the new exercise, but she still listened so I was happy.
Onto her hocks, for whatever reason the pictures I took won’t upload, but they aren’t looking as good as I’d hoped they would with the stall change and the increase in bedding.  So new plan.  Shes now going out ALL night, and I’m going to do the duct tape method tomorrow to see if it helps at all.  Fingers crossed it will!

4 thoughts on “November 3rd,2012

  1. She used to go out all night when we were at my trainers private farm, but the owner at this farm is more cautious. Its also going to start getting cold here, and normally she would be inside for the night. Hopefully I'll get them cleared up before it gets too cold.


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