November 5th, 2012

“Remember, Remember the 5th of November…” – from my favorite movie V For Vendetta

Yesterday, Libby had another day off.

Went out to the barn today, and on my way out started feeling a bit feverish.  It got worse the closer I got to the barn, and by the time I got there, I wasn’t feeling well enough to ride.  I was out there already though so I did groom Libby, and give her a couple treaties while I was there, but no riding for me and her again today.  Not like she cares, but I do!  Anyways heres the update on her awful sores:

Left hock 

Right hock

As you can tell, they are not getting better.  And the freshness of the right hock leads me to believe that the left one is starting to hurt and to compensate shes switching sides to lay on.  So I am trying the duct tape, or more specifically, gorilla tape plan.

Left hock
Right hock
This ghetto-ness has been known to work, but unfortunately for Libby, its just so ugly.  At least its black, so it kind of blends.  What I did was cut out a piece of gauze roughly the same size of the sore, and after cleaning the wound well, stuck the gauze on the sore, and duct taped it to her.  My gorilla tape wasn’t so easy to work with, it stuck to itself but not Libby, so I had to fix it a couple times, but overall I think it should stay.  We’ll see when I get there tomorrow. 
One thing I was not to happy to see was that Lib has a cut on her eyelid.  Its not a big thing, but in my mind its big enough where I would like to know it, and be notified of it.  Especially since its so close to her eye.  
She would not stand still, hence the blurriness, but you get the idea of it. 
This is another reason why I can’t wait to move to the other farm.  Aside from the fact that its kind of lonely at this barn, what with it only being a sale barn and not a boarding training facility, and I like the hustle and bustle of a show barn, but not necessarily of trailer coming in and out, bringing new sale horses all the time.  
Oh well, at least Libby doesn’t mind.
Any treats?!
No?  The exits that way…

4 thoughts on “November 5th, 2012

  1. Poor girly! I hope that it all heels quickly. I would be really frustrated if Hue had a cut and I wasn't told about it.

    Libbers is super cute (added to Hueys wall 😉


  2. The cut by the eye, I would watch super close. My mare had a cut close to her eye that I did not have looked at, and it scarred.
    Libby's face is too pretty to scar up 🙂


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