November 6th & 7th, 2012

Tuesday:  Libby had a trainer ride and I went to go watch, since I still wasn’t feeling that great.  She was really good, jumped AWESOME.  Its nice to be able to see your horse go around, and see how nice she actually is.  I never get to because she doesn’t get that many training rides anymore, and I don’t have a group of barn girls to act as my photographers and video me.

My trainer always says how I look like I’m riding a 17 hand horse when I’m on Libby, and I can see it even when shes on her.  Libby has such a large heart girth, it really wouldn’t surprise me to see a 6 ft + rider fit her.

Overall she was a very good girl.  I even got compliments from my trainers trainer, who is known for  only saying good things when she REALLY means it.  She said I should get in contact with the owner of the stud, because she hasn’t seen any of his offspring look and ride as nice as Libby does.  Thats a HUGE compliment coming from her, so I was happy 🙂

Wednesday:  After her training ride yesterday, I just went out to hack her.  Her hocks seemed to be oozing again so I took off the ghetto-ness duct tape wraps and was not happy.  They didn’t do a thing!  So, I put an order in for the Hockshield boots, in the Ultra style, which is supposed to be good for really deep sores.  I hope they help, because I don’t know what else to do.  I know calling a vet out won’t do much, since its not like a deep gash or anything.  Why can’t she just sleep standing up!!

Libby’s new booties… 

Also tried giving Libby a bridle path today, which would have been hilarious for anyone watching.  Not because Libby was bad, she was an angel, but because of my lack of common sense.  I first started out with my dinky little clippers that are really supposed to be used for the muzzle and whiskers, and are old and rusty.  It was like trying to cut wood with a butter knife.  But I kept trying with that for about five minutes, until I got fed up and got out my big body clippers.  I figured I can see if Libby’s okay with the noise they make, in preparation for the full body clip.  I plugged them and turned the switch, nothing.  I got all nervous thinking these brand new clippers were broken and tried every other switch in the barn, nothing.  I was getting upset, and was envisioning having to spend $200+ on new clippers, when I finally remembered that the electricity in the barn has been shut off for months, because they were doing work on rerouting it.  No wonder they didn’t work…  I embarrass even myself sometimes.

Anyways, I decided to ride her in earpuffs, since it was really windy and cold, and I honestly didn’t want to work too hard after not riding for a couple of days.  But she was great!  Did lots of lateral work, and some canter lengthenings and shortnenings, which she detests, but she was awesome for it.  Its not her forte, she’s just built on the forehand so its a bit harder for her, but by the end she was doing it really well.  Overall a very good day.

Hopefully jump today, because I’ll be gone this weekend for bridesmaid stuff for my brothers wedding.

Such a good baby girl!


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