November 8th, 2012

Just went out for a hack.  When I got there, right when Libby saw me she whinnied for me to take her in.  You’d think she’d like her turnout….

Riding wise, Libby was really good girl.  A bit lazy, but I’m not complaining 🙂 
I’ve decided that on these days when I’m here without my trainer, Libby is a lot better when I use the ear puffs.  I don’t mind using them, doesn’t bother me, and she really concentrates on me more when they’re in, so they are now becoming part of my routine.    
We did lots of walk to canter transitions, which she is not the best at.  Like I said, she is lazy, so getting her to move that quickly off her feet takes some coaxing.  But after a few tries, she was doing it great, and really understood that when I say go, I mean NOW.  Good girl lazy bum! 
Cleaned all my tack, and her halter, and gave her lots of grazing time, which I’m sure she appreciated.  
No riding until I get back from Jacksonville 😦 But she’ll get a training ride today so she won’t be getting the day off today.


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