November 12th, 2012

First day back from being out of town!  Libby was gross getting her out of the paddock, her wooly coat was full of dirt and dust, making her very difficult to clean.  I’ve decided that for her first clip job, I’m going to have her done professionally.  Especially since I don’t know exactly how she’ll react, I think she really won’t care, and since I don’t exactly have the time right now to spend the hours out at the barn doing it.  I think it would be better to have a good experience for her, and if it means having a professional do it the first time, thats fine.  I’ll also be able to see if she minds or not, and then if she needs it again I can do it myself.

Riding-wise Libby was a good girl, even though we didn’t do to much.  We just hacked and then trotted all the jumps, just to keep things interesting.  She was great, we did lots of lengthenings and shortenings on the flat.  During our little jumping she came back to me when I needed her to, and I did a good job of staying out of her way.  She is so much more attentive to me when I put her earpuffs in, and even though she still looks at things, her little spooks have pretty much gone away.  Yay for things falling into place!!

Unfortunately my trainer let me know that the new farm deal fell through, due to some problems the owner was having with the current tenants.  I had really been looking forward to the new place, where we could possibly have more younger riders, and more boarders.  Shes hopeful that she’ll be able to find something, but we are pretty particular bout what we need.  I never intended on staying at the farm we are at now the whole winter, and I was pretty clear about it.  Hopefully she can find something soon…

Onto Libbys sores, strangely enough, they looked better when I got back.  I still put the boots on her though, just to be safe, and to make sure they work.  Can always use them in the future.  Libby so graciously modeled them for us, so I thought I’d share.

And the gorgeous gal herself!


7 thoughts on “November 12th, 2012

  1. Bummer about the farm… I hope that she can figure something out quickly… I am glad that Libby's sores were looking better! Hopefully they will heal up completely with the boots in no time.


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