November 13th, 2012

Had a lonely day at the barn.  The owner was up at the other farm, and there was no one except for a groom down in the ring.  Riding at this farm makes me miss my barn friends from back home even more, and I really wish I could have that here.  I hope my trainer finds a new barn quick.

Anyways Libby was really good.  She was super lazy, but like I always say, “Lazy is better then crazy”.   We at first worked on just moving forward, to which I felt like a little teeny bopper on her back.  She literally would not move at some points.  But we finally came to the conclusion that I am still the boss, so she started to listen and move off my leg.

I’m going to see about possibly riding in spurs again.  We stopped for a little while because she was testing me so much, but now I think its time we can bring them back into our riding routine.

I was given the instructions to trot some jumps if I felt she was listening, and she was a star.  She really has become a total confidence builder for me over fences, and I couldn’t be happier with her.  Gave her a good cooling out and gave her lots of cookies.


For me??

Her hock sores look a lot better, but because there was no one there really today, I don’t even know if they stayed up in the middle of the night or if they were at her hooves when they took them off in the morning.  They didn’t look like they’d been sitting in shavings, but I don’t know.  I put them on again just in case they did their job.  

And then while grazing Libby saw/heard something in the bushes, which always makes for good photos, even if the sun isn’t shining.

This angle makes her neck look enormous!

Pretty girl 🙂

And donkey head


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