November 27th & 28th,2012

November 27th:  First day back at the barn since my break!!! My break was very relaxing, got some shopping done, and got to see some family.  Unfortunately, we decided I should leave my puppy with my parents, so I could have more time to focus on school and my social life, which I was unhappy about.   I’m way to attached to him, so maybe this will be good for him.  Plus he can play with my family dog, whom he loves….

I miss my little nugget!! 😦

On a happy note, I was so excited to see Libby!  Unfortunately, since I forgot to leave a check for the clipper, my dear yak did not get a hair cut like we’d planned.  Oops.  Oh well, were going through a cold snap anyways.  Got on Libby, who had two days off since everyone was at the horse show, and was fully expecting a hot pony.  She’s in heat, and the temperature change has been crazy, so I thought with everything shed be a little excited.  Wrong.  She was a lazy, LAZY girl.  I just flatted her, maybe rode for about 15 minutes.  It was a nice relaxing ride, and I intermittently talked with my trainer throughout it.  Love these types of rides.  I felt like jell-o the whole time, but I guess its to be expected after not riding for about 10 days.

Unfortunately Libbys hock sores are still there.  I let the owner of the company of the Hock Shields know that they weren’t working out for me, and she very kindly sent me the original hock boots, free of charge.  So I’ll give those a try to see if they help.

Gave Libberz a much needed bubble bath and tried to get her somewhat clean.

November 28th:  Today was a jump school for me and Lib.  It was awful weather, cold and misty, but we didn’t mind.  We started out very pokey, barely moving actually.  We trotted, cantered, and went straight to jumping.  I was a little discombobulated, but we managed.  We did much of the same course we always do, but for someone who hasn’t ridden let alone jumped within the past few days I did pretty well.  I hit almost every spot, save for one or two, of which Libby saved me over.  She of course has to shake her head a bit to show me that “no mom, those spots are bad,” but if thats all she’ll do to teach me, I’ll take that any day!!  We were working on getting the real numbers, and riding the horse show stride which is hard for me, since it feels like were rushing everything.  But she listened to me the whole time and she was such a good girl, I was so proud of her.  Love this horse!


8 thoughts on “November 27th & 28th,2012

  1. Glad you're back!

    Are you leaving the pup home permanently or just until finals are over? 😦 You are at least lucky that your parents are keeping him. My parents would say your dog, your problem. – Which is funny because I actually live at our house in KY alone with their 4 dogs!

    Libby is way too cute! Houston's stride is ridiculous so provided I don't try to choke him and go like a slug he eats up the line. That's how it feels anyways.


  2. At this point, I don't know. My parents really want me to have a social life, and when I have him I don't like leaving him for too long so I normally don't go out. I don't want it to be permanent though, because I miss him too much!


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