December 3rd, 2012

So sorry I’ve been so behind in my posts lately.  With my exams, my blog has been put on the back burner a bit.  But I finished my last final today!!   Only have one practical left tomorrow or Wednesday.

Yesterday, I hacked Libby early in the morning so I could study for my exams.  When I got there, I was the only one there, so I decided to braid her mane instead and not ride.  Looked EVERYWHERE for the bands, and couldn’t find them.  Just when I thought I’d come all the way out for nothing, the groom showed up, so I tacked up quickly so I could fit in a little hack.  Decided to ride her in different stuffies then usual.  I always ride in these, which are awesome, but they’ve been getting really gross lately so I used my normal puffs.  Thought it would be a welcome change for her.  Got tacked up, and got on.  Decided to make her more sensitive to my aids, i.e. my leg, and had her really responsive by the end.  Because of her heat cycle, shes been really stiff lately, so I worked on slowly getting her more supple, doing some big circles and serpentines and gradually decreasing their size.  She was doing well, until she gave a good head shake and both the puffs flew out.  Then all attention flew out the window.  Made her do a final stretchy trot, and then called it a day.

Cutie waiting for me to get on 🙂

On the subject of the barn situation, always seems like theres a situation, I still am not 100% certain of what I want to do.  Like I said before, I know my trainer is probably the best I’ve had and works the best with me and Libby, so its hard for me to think about moving to a place with a trainer that I don’t know.  I know that I won’t find out if the trainer will work for us if I don’t try, but I did watch a lesson she gave with the girl there who is getting her horse prepared for the pre-greens and I didn’t like certain things, like doing one handed stops each and every time the horse got stiff and rushed.  I was always taught to circle and let them figure it out, so I don’t know if I was comfortable with her method.  But my friend who just moved seems to be really happy there already, so we’ll see.

 My friend C must’ve told my trainer about me looking at the other barn, because she told me she’d be looking for a working student come season, and wanted to know if I wanted the job.  I know I won’t have time, but I can’t help shake the feeling that she was just asking to give me another reason to stay.  
On a happy note, its almost Chrismukkah Time!!! Channukah begins the 8th which is this upcoming weekend so I feel like a holiday checklist is long overdue.  So here it goes!! 
From good ol’ Smartpak:
  • Saddle Pads: I’d love to have a few saddle pads embroidered with Libbys show name.  I’d accept this one, oh and this one in some burgundy variation.  
  • Leather girth: For shows.  I’ve liked this one for a while, and would love to have it with a nameplate.  
  • Breeches: Of course, who doesn’t need more breeches?! I’ll take these in various colors 🙂
  • A nameplate bracelet: I love these, and after seeing K’s gorgeous one from All In I knew I had to have one!!! 
Not from Smartpak:
  • Air shirts!!! I love these for the hot weather, and they are very smart looking!
And for Oscar, since I feel like Libby was covered in my list:
  • A new collar for Oscar: I like these, and they’re made locally! 
  • And I think he’d look sharp in this!!
And thats it for my list!! I did get the best presents of all earlier in the year (Oscar, Libby, and my saddle) so there aren’t any big items on there.  
Libby got the day off today since I had exams all day, and shes getting a trainer ride in the morning tomorrow before her clip job.  I’ll take pictures to let you all know how beautiful she looks 😉

7 thoughts on “December 3rd, 2012

  1. The breeches link links to the girth – which looks awesome… You should buy it so that I can decide based on your opinion if I want one 🙂 Guinea pig… Although I think I am going to save up and get the County girth that matches my saddle…

    I love smartpak saddle pads. The first goes on sale and I bought a few at $11 I think… I have promised myself that when they are on sale like that again I am going to go ahead and buy like 5. Bc they are white and have the colored piping it is harder to bleach… Mine have held up really well though!

    – What is libby's show name by the way? I can't remember if you left it alone or if you changed it… Bad reader.

    Good luck on your last practical!


  2. Fixed it! And I'd love to be the guinea pig, just got to get the gift-givers on board with that plan.

    I bought my friend one of the deluxe pads with her new horses name embroidered on it, and it was very nice quality for the price. I figured the other pads might not be too shabby! Glad to hear they hold up well, because I don't want to give my saddle pad obsession a reason to get out of hand.

    I haven't changed it… yet. Its still Entourage, at least until something else amazing comes along.

    And thanks!!


  3. I can't help but feel ad for the parents of horse-crazed girls. I took my mom to the tack shop awhile ago for shopping and it was pretty hilarious (especially since she knows nothing about horses).

    I love those nameplate bracelets. I tried to “hint” to my mother that I wanted one too but I don't know if she picked up on that.

    The little sheet for Oscar is so cute! I wish had a puppy so I could match him to my pony, lol.


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