December 7th, 2012

Wednesday did not go as I had planned.  I’ve been having sleeping issues ever since I left Oscar at home, and haven’t been sleeping much if at all.  And it doesn’t help that my upstairs neighbors blast their music at all hours of the night.  The joys of living in a college town.  Anyways, got a text from the clipper that morning, saying she had to cancel.  UGH.  I needed her done at least a week before the show so she’ll look a bit presentable to the public.  She said shed be able to squeeze her in on Friday morning, when I wouldn’t be there, so my trainer is going to have to watch her. 

After taking my practical, and acing it woohoo, I was done for the semester.  I was so tired/stressed that I decided to just go home that night and forego riding. Went to the barn to drop off the money for the clipper Friday morning, gave Libby some treaties, and headed out.  I was super upset to find that Libbys hock boots hadn’t moved from where I left them Monday, meaning she hadn’t had them on for two nights in a row.   No wonder her sores can’t get better, no ones doing as I ask and putting them on her at night.  Its times like this that really makes me want to move to a normal boarding facility, because where I’m at is just a sales barn, so aside from putting boots on them in turn out, they don’t get any personalized care.  I sent my trainer a message, asking her to make sure she got them on, but when she’s not there, how is she going to enforce that… 😦  Meanwhile, my friend is loving the new barn, and frequently tells me how nice they are.  I wish it was my trainer there, with her own facility and boarders!!!
On a happier note, now that I’m home I’m with my little pup Oscar!!  Also I got a message from a girl who now owns Libbys dam, asking for photos and videos of Libby because she wants to breed Libbys dam back to her sire to hopefully get a carbon copy of Libby.  She was telling me how she liked Libby so much when she was a filly, and really wanted to get another foal with the same qualities as her.  Exciting right!?  I’ve added pictures of her dam and sire to her page if you guys are interested in looking.
Hopefully will be getting a picture of Libby clipped today, so I’ll post that when I get it.  
Waiting for her treats 🙂

She’s so cute! Notice the boots hanging on her stall….
Missed this face!

12 thoughts on “December 7th, 2012

  1. Those stalls look awesome! Love that they have WINDOWS – I've never seen a barn w/ stalls that have windows in the barn where a horse can stick his head out. Neat.

    Can you put a note on Libby's stall stating the that boots must be put on overnight? Your trainer isn't there to enforce it, but perhaps if she gives the staff a warning and there's a note there, it might actually get done.

    And… holy freaking cute puppy Batman!


  2. Yep, the doors to the windows shut when you lift them. They are really for feeding, but Liibys is open all the time.

    I would put a note, but after the groom leaves, he doesn't speak or read english, no one else is there, so it would kind of fall on deaf ears.

    And thank you!!


  3. What a nice looking barn.

    Can they not deep bed her stall?…that would avoid the hock sores and the boot issue. Too bad they arent getting put on, that is annoying.


  4. I know!!! I wonder if it'll be a black four socked beautiful gelding?? I don't know why but I have a feeling it would be should she do the cross again.

    Thanks, and I will 🙂


  5. Thanks. I've asked for them to before but their idea of increasing bedding was just one more barrel full, i.e. not really deeply bedded. And when I asked to yet again increase it, I was told there was no point since it wasn't working in the first place :-/ And it IS annoying since I know other barns that would bend over backwards to do stuff like this


  6. I'm sorry you haven't been sleeping well. I feel your pain. Congrats on another semester down and your A!

    On boots… My barn would charge out the butt if I asked for boots to be put on for turnout/ I wouldn't trust the people that take care of hue to put them on properly so hock boots would definitely not happen. I think it's ridiculous that they won't bed her stall more heavily. Although Houston's stall is typically kind of sparse as well- they are in during the day and out at night though. And we have mats.
    So while some barns will bend over backwards I am with you on frustrations.

    I hope that libs looks fantastic with her new doo. 🙂

    And super cool about them wanting another libs. Houston's mom is rather old now I think and his dad was gelded so no more huers!


  7. Thanks!

    The thought behind their whole philosophy at this barn is that its a sales barn. Period. They don't cater to horses individual needs, mainly because they don't stay there long enough for them to figure out if they need specific things. Its just annoying since my friend who just moved to that barn I spoke about in an earlier post tells me great things that the owners have done for her and her horse already, and they've only been there for a week!

    I wouldn't know because my trainer won't answer me, or return my phone calls 😡

    And I know!! I think Libbys dam is a bit older now, so this would be her last foal she would carry herself. I know they have frozen some of her eggs to use in surrogate mares though.


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