December 10th, 2012

We aren’t going to the show anymore 😦 Our big rig is in the shop, and won’t be out until after, and instead of spending more money and hiring a shipper, we are just going to wait until the next show.  I was so bummed to hear this because I was REALLY looking forward to watching her go!  Oh well, there’ll always be another show I guess.  The next one we are going to is actually considered Pre-HITS and is January 18th, far away.  But I’m going to go back up to G-ville anyways to just ride her this weekend, and then I’ll be back home.

Home has been super duper relaxing, and yesterday I was able to drive out to the show to go watch some friends.  And guess who I saw there?!  If you guys are friends with me on Facebook, you’ll already know that I saw Ollie there with his new owner!  She’s a very nice nice girl, didn’t mind me coming over and saying hello and introducing myself.

His owner is in the blue shirt, her trainer in the irons.

I only got to watch a little of his flat class, since my friend was first to go in the hunter derby in the ring next door.

It was great to see him so happy, with people that obviously love him, and that all an old rider can ask for right? I just hope he stays sound for them.  
Onto some holiday gift stuff, I got almost all of my gifts!! Woo for Channukah being early!!! My bounty consisted of a new halfpad, two new pairs of ts breeches (in colors), socks, some makeup (I love makeup), a beautiful bracelet like Karleys (which is in transit), and a new saddle pad complete with embroidery (also in transit)!!! Yay!!! Super thankful that I have such awesome parents!!
YAYY Bounty!
Also had a very good talk with my friend C about everything I’ve been feeling with the barn and everything.  C actually just went to look at an investment horse, so I was excited for her.  We talked a lot about what I want in a barn (people, more personalized care) and about what my trainer is really focusing on, which is sales horses not training.  C emphasized that me and Libby have come so far, and I really need to sort out what my priorities are in my riding.  She was saying how its going to get busier at the barn, so more people will be out there, and how I should talk to my trainer about all the things that have been bothering me, and not hold them all in and not say anything because obviously, that doesn’t solve anything.

She talked to my trainer on the way up to try the horse, and my trainer said that she really didn’t want to look for another farm until after circuit, which is understandable.  She really doesn’t want to deal with a lot of girls because supposedly she had a group of girls that she was training a couple of years ago, that totally took advantage of her kindness and started having parties on her property, bringing boyfriends there ecetera.  Not like we would ever, but she just doesn’t want to deal with it.  So I shouldn’t expect her to be thinking of a farm right away.  Thats a bummer to me, because I know me and Chesleigh, and anyone we’d feel would be a good match for my trainer, would do anything like that.  I just hope our trainer realizes that.  


8 thoughts on “December 10th, 2012

  1. Thanks!! I did one in a post a week ago, but even when I see it on paper, I'm still cautious to move Lib to another trainer… I understand that no farm is perfect, but I feel like I shouldn't have to compromise so much!


  2. I did!! Honestly didn't think I was going to get much of anything this year, but the breeches were on sale, and some of the other things I already had coming 🙂 And yes they are!! They are by far the best fitting breeches for me!


  3. For whatever reason, I don't fit into the TS breeches. They always seem to be too tight in the waist for me, and when I size up they are too long. This was about 3 years ago when I tried them though, so I'm not sure if maybe the tack store I was in didn't have a wide selection of sizes or something. I love the Trophy Hunters, I haven't been able to find breeches that fit me as well as they do. I wish they hadn't done such a drastic change on the fabric a couple of years ago, as I really loved the other fabric, but the new fabric definitely holds up better.


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