December 12th-14th, 2012

December 12th: Since we weren’t going to the show anymore, I decided to come back up Wednesday to ride.  Got here mid Wednesday and wouldn’t you know, it was disgusting out.  Mid 50’s, raining, and overall awful weather.  Me and C, who I met at the barn, decided to go hit some tack shops in the hopes that the weather would pass.  Our trainer said she was going home because of the weather, so she loaded up her horse on a TRAILER, yes a trailer, and brought him home.  Now this wasn’t her trailer, but you have to think if she has a trailer to bring her horse to and from her property, why couldn’t we go to the show? Doesn’t make much sense to me…

Anyways, went around Ocala trying to find C a new helmet, which was a fail.  Unfortunately for her, most tack stores only carry sizes under 7 3/8, so everything was way too small.  For those of you with really ovally heads what helmets have you found work best for you? She currently has an old as dirt GPA that fits nice, but she doesn’t want another one and the Charles Owens just give her mushroom-itis.  
After shopping around, we got back to the barn late, and decided that we should just ride the next day.  
December 13th: Got picked up by C around 9, and as we were dropping her dog off at her parents house, got a text from trainer telling us to hold off a couple of hours, as the weather again looked awful.  This trip was turning out to be a total fail.  Waited till 11, sent a text to see how the weather was, and was again told to wait.  So we went out for lunch, and then headed over to the barn, in the hopes that it would clear up a bit.  
Got out there and it was okay.  Dark and gloomy and cold, but we could ride.  No one was there though, but thankfully me and C were together.  We got tacked up, and I headed out to lunge Libby, knowing she hadn’t been ridden since I’d last ridden her on Monday, which I was NOT happy about.  This was also going to be her first ride after being clipped for the first time, so I knew I was in for a wild ride.  Got her out to the ring and she started getting cold backed, so I lunged her for a quick ten minutes, and went to get on.  Got up in the saddle and she again was EXTREMELY cold backed.  This was also the first time I was riding in my new half pad, so I started thinking maybe it was because of the pad, but there were probably many other contributing factors.  Put her back on the lunge for another five minutes and then got on.  She was sensitive, and very hyper, so I basically trotted her in figure eights for about 30 minutes straight.  Didn’t get much canter work in, but I did end on a good note with her, of which I was happy.  C told me she was very proud of both me and Libby, because even though we both came out pretty nervous, I’d done a good job of relaxing her and getting her to focus on me.  Always nice to hear things like that 🙂 I still was upset though because its times like these that I really want my trainer there with me to help me when she’s being like that.  
Got off and the BO came down so was talking with her for a bit.  Learned that not only was Libby not really ridden but she also got little to no turnout since the BO was away and the weather was awful…. Started braiding Libbers mane to train it to lie on the correct side, but didn’t get finished as I was asked to help take conformation pictures for some sales horses.
December 14th: Got out to the barn with a massive headache/borderline migraine.  Trainer was there and asked if I wanted her to ride for me today, so I agreed.  I lunged Libberz while she rode another sale horse, and she got right on.  Libby was almost 90% better for her today, with no girth weirdness.  She was even pokey, which makes me believe that my ride the day before did benefit her in getting out some much needed energy.  She decided to take her over some jumps, and Libby looked awesome.  Jumped everything a ten, and looked like a top show pony.  We decided the plan tomorrow would be that I hack her and trainer rides her over fences to get her ready for the show in three weeks, since I won’t be here. It was discussed that I would have to hack her in the show ring, since my trainer would have a couple other horses in the same class.  We’ll see how that goes, hopefully this group of show goers won’t cut me off in the ring…
Finished braiding her mane, and C’s prospect got in! A cute TALL chestnut gelding.  Can’t wait to see him go tomorrow.  
Now maybe its just the migraine talking but I am really upset about the things that have gone on at the barn in the past week since I’ve been gone.  How Libby didn’t get ridden, much less turned out, how her hock boots were clearly not put on while I was gone, the whole we can’t show because we don’t have a ride thing, and other small things.  Am I being totally ridiculous?!  Not like it matters much, since I can’t seem to find another place with quality training in the area that I can afford.   But still!  I hate being told I’m over reacting, when I really don’t think I am.
I really need to get some riding photos/videos soon.  I’m sure I’m boring you guys with these videos of her munching hay and standing on the cross ties!! 

20 thoughts on “December 12th-14th, 2012

  1. If it bothers you, it bothers you. You need to find something that doesn't leave you with that annoyed icky feeling at the end of the day. Even with rationalizing why this situation feels right, at the end of the day you seem to still feel it isn't right, which means it isn't. You know what I'm saying?


  2. Agree with L. How often is Libby supposed to be ridden? Did anyone tell you about her not being ridden besides BO?

    I would be really irritated, I'm sorry you're unhappy. Maybe talk to your trainer about these things? For me if my trainer doesn't ride or make up the ride I'm out the money bc we pay monthly. I always get irritated when its not communicated…

    Anyways I'm sorry you're frustrated but glad you toughed it out for your ride! Good job 🙂


  3. She was supposed to be ridden at least once while I was gone, but that didn't happen obviously. My trainer also let me know to lunge her before I rode her because she hadn't been ridden. Price wise, she's really good about not charging me for things she doesn't do, shes not one to just tack on charges.


  4. Surely your current trainer isn't the only capable person in your area. Have you taken lessons with other trainers lately? Have you sat in or taken a lesson yourself with the trainer at the barn your friend moved to? It seems unfair to you to have such a hit and miss week again and again.


  5. Thats whats so awful about Gainesville. There really are no reputable trainers out here. The only other trainer who successfully performs on the A circuit charges out the wazoo, basically because they know they are the best quality in instruction and care in the area. I did watch a lesson with the trainer at the farm my friend moved too, and wasn't at all impressed.


  6. That sucks. I don't think you're overreacting to want the quality care that you're paying for. Especially the fact that they didn't ride her, turn her out, OR put her hock boots on. I could understand the trailer situation if maybe she was borrowing it from someone who didn't want her using it for the show, but you're paying them to look after your baby. I'd be cranky.


  7. The best solution I can think of is to find a small private place without a trainer and have yours come in weekly (or whenever) for lessons. Surely there are some other people in the area who realize that quality care comes with a huge price tag and have decided to take matters into their own hands?


  8. I'm sorry, I know the feeling 😦 I have to agree with Julie- I used to be at a big, gorgeous farm with an on-site trainer who I loved but often had problems with. The care and craziness at the farm got so bad that I had to start searching for other options. I go to school in a town with a population of 15,000… SMALL. However, after some searching, I found a great little family-owned farm. It's not nearly as nice as where I moved from and it doesn't have an on-site trainer, but the level of care that Limmers receives is really unparalleled to any other farm I've ever boarded at. It's also very reasonably priced and a trainer comes in at least once a week to teach lessons.

    If I were you, I would look for a situation like the one Julie recommended! I have never regretted making the move and adore my new barn. I never have to ride by myself (unless I choose to) and it has such a homey atmosphere. Best of luck, I'm sure it'll all work out 🙂


  9. I completely understand the frustration. I really really hate where we are boarded at, but overall the horses are fed, my horse is sound, dry and in good health. Maybe the fencing is wacky, the BO crazy and the footing ehhhh, but the instruction I get is great and my trainer really does care about the basics for everyone's horse, but yeah all the “other” things totally get to you but unfortunately I feel like there is no 100% place out there.


  10. So true. I need to not let these little things get to me, but its nice to let my frustrations out to you guys. I need to learn to focus on the good, the training, the fact that yes my horse is in good health for the most part.


  11. For the helmet question. I wear IRH helmets in long oval for that reason, although I'm only a 7 1/4. She might find she can wear a smaller helmet if it's the right shape though. I similarly do not look good in CO helmets.

    Good barns are hard to come by! The horse care is great where I am, but they don't keep up with property maintenance and I don't like non-horse people doing the barn work.


  12. At the end of the day I think because these things bother you it just means you're a good horse owner always wanting the best for your horse. But don't let the little things ruin your time!!


  13. Ugh so sorry girl.. I agree with L- we have a rocking trainer but the facilities leaves something to be desired. My fix for that is going to every day to see, check on and tend to my horse. I know that isn't an option for you so I have no advice 😦

    Keep your feelers out for other places and maybe something will pop up 🙂

    Can the BO help with the things that need to get done with Libby that aren't rides? Can you follow up/text your trainer asking if she is going to ride? I know thats a pain 😦


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