December 15th, 2012

My new bracelet!

Can’t believe I forgot to update my blog until now! Saturday, my plan was to hack Libby, and my trainer would jump her, then I would head home for the rest of my break. 

Got out to the barn, and there was a group of people there to try horses.  I actually LOVE watching people try horses, so I got to sit back and watch this very sweet girl try about three horses.  Once they were gone, I got Libby ready, and lunged her for about two seconds.  We decided to just give her the benefit of the doubt, and lunge her for the next week, to give her the time to get used to being clipped.  She was a slug on the lunge, so I just got on, and she was fined about her girthiness.  Started trotting her and worked in the crossrail to the flat work.  She was nice and forward, without being to sensitive about my leg.  Did a quick canter both ways, and then we did a quick course before my trainer got on.  She was awesome, and I really focused on not touching the reins.  When I needed her to rock back and woah a bit, I would just sit back, and Libby would instinctively slow up a bit.  It felt great, especially since I hadn’t jumped/ridden her in about a week.  Then my trainer got on her to school her over larger fences, and to start schooling her to get her ready for the horse show.  I could already feel that Libby had opened up her stride, but watching my trainer ride her, I could see how she was really stretching down and out, really reaching to get the horse show stride.  We put the jumps up to about 3′ with oxers, and she was jumping AWESOME.  She was using her neck really well, and her knees were level with her eyeballs.  Its always great to see what she really looks like, since I rarely if ever get any pictures of me riding, let alone jumping. 

Then I got to watch my trainer school my friend C’s potential prospect.  The horse is really cute, moves awesome, but is extremely spoiled. Hes only three, but the owner has babied him about everything, allowing him to do whatever he pleased, including stopping and bucking every three strides during trotting and cantering.  He was also allowed to paw intensely (using both front legs at the same time) on the crossties.  So I got to watch my trainer work through his little fits, which lasted all of five minutes and then he gave up.  I’m super excited about him for C, even though hes just an investment project, I think she’ll have a lot of fun with him.

So I won’t be back until the 31st, so I’ll be gone for about two weeks.  Of course, I’ll still be keeping up with everyones blogs 🙂

16 thoughts on “December 15th, 2012

  1. I wish I had too! Then I'd have something interesting to post for you guys. I'm sure your all sick of my living pictures of Libby just eating hay, or standing on the cross ties!


  2. Agree about the videos!! But, I've been incredibly spoiled lately, so I guess I can't really expect everyone else to have tons of vids of their rides…

    Also, LOVE the bracelet 🙂 I think seeing yours finally convinced me that I want one too (I've always been on the fence about them, but yours is gorgeous!)


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