December 21st, 2012

Love this photo

In celebration of the world not ending today, WOOOHOOO, I decided to do a New Years resolution post, much like L. Williams over at Viva Carlos.  So to start off, I’ll rewrite here what I wrote on the thread on COTH about how my year went :

How did your year go with your horse(s)? 

Mine started out bad, but ended really well. The horse I was leasing at the beginning of the year started showing neurological issues, so I had to send him back, and after that whole ordeal I was pretty burned out. Fast forward two months, and I found my dreamhorse! Its been a slow uphill battle, but we have both come so far as a team, and I cant wait for what the future brings us! 

Did you meet your goal(s)? 

I met them and surpassed them! I was hoping at the end of this year to be comfortably riding my greenie around by myself, and maybe doing courses. We are not only doing all canter courses, but my eye has improved tremendously, and my mare is already ready for baby greens. 

What were your unexpected highs and lows? 

Unexpected low was definitely finding out that my first lease horse Ollie wasn’t going to work out. But my unexpected high was finding my mare, and realizing that riding can be fun again! 

What plans are you making for next year? 

I’m hoping to get my mare out and about more, and go more regularly to shows. I really want to finish next year with a couple baby green/pre-green ribbons under our belts, and maybe even get into some A/O classes. That would be a stretch but still attainable. 

What thing(s) did you learn that significantly and positively impacted you? 

Letting go has been my biggest obstacle throughout my riding, as my first horse would get super strong after the jumps, so I got to be a bit defensive. My mare has taught me to just let go, sit back and enjoy the ride.  

And of course, show us your favorite picture from this past year!  

My favorite picture of us so far is my banner picture in my blog. The show that it was taken at did not go very well at all, we were backed into by a golf cart, but it goes to show that even though everything was going against us, we still had some good come out of it. 🙂 

My goals for Libby:

  • Eliminate the girthy/cold-backed thing that she gets sometimes.
  • Heal her hock sores, and keep them healed.
  • Take her out on some trails, to clear both of our minds.
  • Get her into some A/O classes, and possibly a jumper class for fun 🙂

My goals for myself:

  • Become more comfortable at shows/away from the farm.
  • Become more confident in my riding. 
  • Work on my position on the flat a bit. 
  • Continue to work on letting go over the jump, but unfolding with enough time to keep her straight.   
  • Refresh my memory on braiding.  I.e. learn again. 
  • Have fun with my riding!

Some show goals for us:

  • Do some HSITP shows
  • Do some RMI shows
  • Get a couple 1st palce ribbons
  • Win some year end prizes, including (but not limited to) cooler, scrims, brush boxes.  I’m not picky 🙂 

Overall I just want to have fun next year!!

In other news, I was super upset yesterday.  I’ve been trying to contact my trainer on numerous occasions, initially to just check up on Libby, and then to ensure she got her hock boots, and then to make sure she got her heavy blanket as its gotten cold in North Florida.  Called, texted, left messages, and still have not received any reciprocation, or even a text saying she got my initial messages.  Of course my parents are in my ear, questioning me yet again whether or not I should move.  

In other news, my friend C who was looking at the prospect received the unfortunate news that the owner decided to take the horse back and not sell him.  Then the next prospect she looked at failed his vetting.  Now shes looking at another horse, a mare, that hopefully will work out for her.  I hope it does so she has something of her own!

If I don’t post anything between now and the first, I just want to say Happy New Year to everyone!!! May everyones new year be filed with happiness and success 🙂


16 thoughts on “December 21st, 2012

  1. I finally did hear from her. Funnily enough, I don't think she reads my blog, but right when I posted this she finally responded to my texts. They weren't very lengthy responses, but they were responses non the less.

    I have sent an email to the top show barn in the area if they are in need of a working student though, and if so, if doing that could bring down the price of board/lessons. Haven't heard back unfortunately but I'm still looking…


  2. Great goals for both of you 🙂 This is also a really good idea for a post!

    Sorry about your trainer, I feel your pain 😦 My old trainer/barn manager would deliberately ignore texts/emails about Limerick… it was a huge part of why I eventually moved farms. Good luck!!


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