January 5th, 2013

Got back in town yesterday, but got in late so I wasn’t able to go see Libby until this morning.  Woke up and texted my trainer, asking what time she was going out today.  She finally texted me back 2 hours later saying she wasn’t going to be out there, but that someone would be there when I got there. -___- Not what I wanted to hear my first day back.

On the way out to the barn, I called a barn that had been referred to me by someone I met on the lovely world of COTH.  I made an appointment to see the facilities and meet them after I rode.

Got out to the barn and of course, no one was there.  Took Libby out and she was DISGUSTING.  Grimy, dried sweaty, gross, and her sores were oozing.  She looked like she hadn’t been groomed once since I’d been gone.  I was not a happy camper to say the least.  And I knew she was ridden while I was away, so how she could look this bad is beyond me.  I got her as groomed up as I could, and hoped on.

Getting ready for our ride!!  You can even see how grimy her back legs are!

I’d forgotten that my stirrups were to long once I got on (she’d gotten a training ride the day that I left) but I just rode with them a bit longer.  Libby was great, lazy even, which was a nice surprise considering one of the workers was using the tractor to move the manure pile while I was riding.  Walk, trot, cantered her and she felt great.  And since we are prepping her for the show, I was instructed to trot her over the jumps if I felt up to it, so I did.  She was such a good girl, listening to my aids and doing basically everything I asked.  I was so impressed with her.  Walked her out and around the little field to get her cooled out.

Took her in and as I was untacking her, I noticed that one of her blankets was missing.  Her new, to her, Baker blanket that I just bought her.  I asked the groom if he knew where it was, but of course, he doesn’t speak English, and my Spanish is horrible, so that got me no where.  And since the BO wasn’t there, and my trainer wasn’t answering my text, I had no idea where it was.  Again, I was NOT happy.  I can’t stand when my stuff is used on other horses, which I’m assuming is what happened to it, since I have no idea where it is, and there would be no other reason for it to have been moved. 

As I cleaned Libby up, I felt better about my decision to move.  I want other people around, and the comfort of knowing that my horse will be taken care of when I leave. 

So after grazing Lib, and cleaning my tack, I headed out to see this farm.  I had been told it was nothing fancy, but that the people running it are very nice and knowledgeable, and its a very laid-back, no pressure kind of feel.  Got out there and wow do they have a lot of land.  129 acres of it to be exact.  As you drive in to the property, you pass by their huge jump field filed with 20 jumps that are built by one of the owners.  Very nice.  Drove up to the barn and as was told to me by the referrer, it was nothing fancy.  It was an old wooden barn that was kept clean, and was full of PEOPLE! Wooohooo people! I got to see the tack room, a tiny little AC’ed room, and the bathroom (yes they have a bathroom) and spoke with the owners for a bit before going to watch them give a couple lessons.  They know my trainer well, and we spoke about why I needed to move but how I want to keep my relationship with her.  They were very understanding and helpful, and seemed like they would be accommodating to me an Lib.  They too want to keep their relationship with her, they don’t want to step on her toes or anything, so they urged me that when the time came to be very upfront about everything with her.  Which of course I’m going to do, but it was nice to hear that they don’t want to start anything and want to keep the waters calm. 

Overall it seemed like a nice place, a bit on the more expensive side for me, but at least I would be with someone that my current trainer is comfortable with and knows well.  So they are a good option.  Tomorrow I’m going to watch some lessons in the morning at my friends barn, the Twin Oaks place to get a little more feel for the trainers teaching style.  I’d say I’ve been making good progress 🙂

And look at my Channukah present from my roomy!! I know exactly what picture I’m going to use 🙂


10 thoughts on “January 5th, 2013

  1. Libs is so cute! I am bummed that you had to come home to an ungroomed and hurting pony. I hope that your sheet turns up too! Hopefully your trainer will be understanding when you explain your concerns and reasons for moving.

    I am glad that you have been able to get out to see other farms! 🙂


  2. Yea, I keep going back and forth with it, since I know the quality of instruction I'm getting now is probably the best I'm going to get out here, but Libby comes first. And thank you!


  3. Thanks, and me too 😦 I hope she'll be reasonable, and understand that its nothing personal. I really want to continue our friendship, shes such a good person to know up here.


  4. Aye I would NOT have been happy to find my horse unkept and my blanket missing 😦

    I hope that you can find a nice barn that you like and feel comfortable at and that your trainer understands!


  5. The new barn seems at least to be populated and provide good care, two things to not be undervalued. You have to do what you feel is best for the two of you, your trainer should understand that.


  6. Ugh I would be livid if my horse was crusty!! I think you are making the right choice. FYI if it is common to have Spanish stable hands, you should try and learn a bit of the language. it is actually quite easy and they will probably favor you if you can chat with them 🙂


  7. It is, but I took Hebrew in school instead of Spanish. I'm not too bad, I know how to say key words, but I still feel like we are on two different wavelengths. I should though…


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