January 8th, 2013

So cute!
Looking so much better after her bath!

Got out to the barn and as usual no one was there.  As I was walking over to my tack trunk, I noticed a bridle of mine had on a different severe bit, my half pad was on a different saddle rack, and my brand new martingale was used.  What the heck, why do people feel the need to use my things?!

Got Libbers out of the stall and quickly got her ready to get on.  Walked out to the ring and got on and she was LAZY.  I’m thinking of possibly riding with spurs when I flat her, just to make it a bit easier for me.  But as always, better lazy then crazy.  Started working her at a nice forward trot, working in some circles, and figure eights.  Weirdly enough, even though she is normally stiff through her neck to the right, she was much stiffer to the left today, so I worked on that for a bit.  Once I felt she was suppling up enough, we went into the canter.  Because we are prepping her for the horse show, we’ve been opening up her stride a bit more.  I never really noticed that the ring was small before, but now I feel like we get across the long side in only a few stride and then were turning again.  Its a good thing to have a horse with a big stride don’t get me wrong, but I guess I hadn’t noticed it too much.  Cooled her out with a nice forward walk around the little field, and brought her in.  I was very happy with her, and proud of myself for getting enough courage to take her out of the ring.  Shes not spooky, but she is looky, and that always makes me nervous, but I held it together and we walked around nicely.  Maybe I’ll be able to fit in a couple trails with her, who knows. Gave her a nice bath after the ride, and got her back to looking like her usual clean self.

Since Libbys feet have been slowly declining in strength, we figured now would be a good time to put back shoes on her, so she won’t be sore at the show.  Now, she probably wouldn’t need them if someone would have just taken some care of her while I was away like I thought they would, but of course thats another issue.  Still haven’t found my baker yet 😦 But I did lock up all my stuff in my tack trunk when I left.  Maybe that’ll give who ever is using my stuff a hint. 

Trainer ride tomorrow, of which I’ll hopefully be there for, and get some video for you guys!!


15 thoughts on “January 8th, 2013

  1. What makes me most mad about situations like that (people using stuff) is when its not cleaned and then put back the way they found it. I mean I get it, in our barn I've had people borrow things because theirs was broken or hadn't come in yet etc, and I've done my share of borrowing. But I've always, always, always, put it back cleaner then when I borrowed it and in the same order that I had found it.


  2. Love the after bath pic of Libbers! She is so cute. I don't have the borrowing issue, but my stuff (other than bridle and martingale for trainer to use) is locked and kinda crappy (maybe that is the ticket!).


  3. Very irritating- if you are one of the only “boarders” wouldn't your trainer be the only one really using your stuff? Obviously I totally feel your pain. In my opinion borrowing is when someone ASKS to use something prior to taking it. If you just take it I consider that more stealing- yes yes I know it was returned but I know that most people that “borrow” have no intention of replacing my usually expensive tack if they break it… Grr… :/

    Hope the baker turns up- maybe you'll get to ask your trainer about it when you see her tomorrow? Also kudos to you for getting out early! It's only 9?!


  4. Exactly, thats how I was taught, so I always assume others will do the same for me, but I guess not. And I ALWAYS ask before I touch anyones stuff, its just common courtesy, right?


  5. Thank you 🙂 I've locked my bridle in my tack trunk now, so no one can use it for sure. And I wouldn't say mine is such high quality, SmartPak brands, but maybe!!


  6. Probably, and it wouldn't be a problem if she asked and used it on Libby. I just know that bit configuration and the size the martingale was fixed at were not for her, so they are using them on sale horses. I hope the blanket turns up too.


  7. I know 😦 I locked my other bridle, the one that was being used, in my tack trunk. But I have to leave out my other bridle because thats what she uses on Libby. Hopefully they don't start using it on other horses and then just putting it back…


  8. I agree with everyone that using your stuff without asking isn't cool. I also agree that using your bridle is pretty balsy. I mean, I tell people all the time when they can use my stuff, but I mean brushes and lead lines and shampoos – not my expensive tack. That's not right


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