January 12th & 13th, 2012

January 12th: Went out to the barn with my friend K, and had a little mini photo shoot! Don’t have the pictures yet, and I wish I had time to pull her mane, and used a different pad, but the pictures look so nice!

Libby was a really good girl.  I didn’t want to do too much, she hadn’t been ridden since her mini tying up, so I really just let her have her head, didn’t touch the reins and did an easy w/t/c.  I’m sure she didn’t mind 😉 She was lazy as can be, and very quiet.  My friend, who had seen her when I first got her, commented on how quiet and calmed down she was, which made me happy.  I gave her lots of kisses and treaties, and then we went out to my friends barn so she could ride.  She rides at that one barn that I’m kind of looking into, the Twin Oaks Stables.  I went to watch her lesson the next day to get a feel for the training again.

January 13th: Went out to watch K’s lesson in the morning, for which we really though her hot jumper would be a bit loony for.  Turns out he was really good, but I think I’ve made my mind up that I don’t like her training methods.  The trainer was trying to get her horse to lighten in the bridle a bit for her, since he is a big giant that like to lean, and her method included pulling him into a one rein stop every time she  felt he was pulling on her and not supporting his own weight.  I do NOT like this method, I think there are other ways to go about it, so I’m not so sure how I feel about that. 

After her lesson we went to look at the farm that the UF Equestrian team rides with now.  The trainer wouldn’t tell her prices without me coming out there, which was odd.  But of course once I got out there and saw how beautiful the facility was (GORGEOUS place), and how well cared for the horses are, she lays it on me that its 1000 for just board.  That doesn’t include lessons or training…  Why she didn’t tell me the prices before I got out there I don’t know.  Would have saved me some time and gas though.  As we were leaving, one of the grooms that my trainer uses for shows showed up and starts talking to me.  I had told the trainer at this farm that I hadn’t said anything to my current trainer yet, so when he asked if I was riding there now, she quickly told him I was there for UF team business.  I was very appreciative, since he would be one to tell my trainer I was looking around.

We then went out to my barn so I could hop on Libby.  I walk into the tack room and what do I see, my bridle has yet another bit on it.  WTH?! I sent a message to my trainer telling them again to PLEASE not use my stuff on other horses, to which I haven’t gotten a reply back.  Anyways, Libby was a good girl, a little distracted but not bad.  I didn’t let her get away with little stuff today, like her leaning and being a bit unresponsive to my leg, but she was much better after me telling her once.  Gave her kisses and treats and headed home. 

She’s getting a training ride tomorrow afternoon, so I won’t be able to see it, but I am going to see another farm in the morning.  Of course I’ll let you guys know how it goes 🙂

9 thoughts on “January 12th & 13th, 2012

  1. Maybe it would be helpful to see her give lessons to other horses/riders? Maybe there are other issues you haven't mentioned, but I think that what you wrote this time is the same issue you talked about last time. Perhaps you will like other methods she has, and can just avoid her technique with this particular issue?

    I dunno, just thinking out loud! Hopefully you find a place soon.


  2. I watched her give a lesson to another rider there who has a young hunter. She used the same method for him getting quick and strong. I haven't gotten to talk to that rider that has the young greenie yet, she's out of town. I don't know if thats the type of methods she uses, kind of a rough and tough approach.

    Hopefully I find a place and soon. I don't want to have to deal with the stress of my place now!


  3. ugh!!! I feel frustrated for you.

    Maybe that trainer is using that method because the rider isn't able to bring the horse back?

    I know we have used it on occasion when Henry is just PLOWING through my hands and wont listen to my half halts, seat or whoa… every single time no but on occasion.

    Is she open to coaching you but also letting you have a say in the things you do? That is if you like some of what she does and feel like she might be able to help you and you like the barn.


  4. I haven't spoken to her that in depth about it, but maybe she'll be open to combining our training skills. My friend K sent a message to the other girl at the barn who has a greenie with some of my questions to her, so hopefully I'll hear from her soon.


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