January 14th, 2013

Today my trainer was giving Lib a training ride in the afternoon, so instead of going out in the morning, I went to look at another farm. 

The trainer at this farm had actually worked under a woman who had brought me Ricky, the horse I’d leased in high school.  When I called her, she told me straight out, their place is not a how facility, its a very laid back kind of place and might not be what I’m looking for.  I went out anyways just to see, and it was her backyard. Supposedly they had a nice facility at one point, and some drama had come out and they didn’t want to deal with it any more.  It was an OLD wooden 5 stall barn, that only two stall were used from, and it was more so a bring your own hay/feed.  The horses all looked happy but I think it might be too low key for what I want.  There were only one other girl out there, so I’d probably be riding alone again at some point.  She did try and tell me different places to go look at though which was helpful. 

Throughout the day I emailed some of the farms the trainer had mentioned, and unfortunately they were too expensive, and too far. 

After classes I decided to take a chance and see another farm that was a lot closer to me.  The place used to be owned by a total loony bin, where they had like 80 horses on a 15 acre property at once, so it was really run down.  When I got out there the wife of the trainer gave me a tour of the place, and told me all about the back story of the farm.  She then proceeded to gossip about every other farm in the area, to the point that I was like rushing to get out of there. 

I seriously can’t understand why I should have to compromise so much for a place.  But I know I’m going to have to, and I think at this point its between two places, unless I find another place to look at. 

Twin Oaks

  • Brand new barn, with a decent facility.  The sand ring is a little deep and the grass ring looks like it won’t be grass for much longer, but they seem like proactive owners so I feel like it would get fixed if it was a hazard. 
  • Has a bathroom!
  • They use the shavings I don’t like, and don’t use enough.  I’d probably have to pay a bit extra for my own.
  • Same thing with hay.
  • The owners husband is relatively new to horses, hes been riding himself for a few years but I wouldn’t call him experienced, and hes the one taking the most care of the horses.  Hes very nice, but I don’t know how I feel about his lack of knowledge.
  • The trainer employs some training methods that I really don’t like.  I’m required to take at least two with her a month, which isn’t a lot, so maybe I can find a friend with a trailer and trailer out to see someone else.
  • My friend is there already.
  • Very friendly, and seem willing to do whatever I need, care wise.
  • They allow dogs.
  • Its very quiet and quant.
  • I don’t know if my skill level exceeds or is level with this trainer, and I don’t know if their showing will be limited to the local level. 
  • Is very cheap compared to what I’ve looked at.

Santa Rosa Stables

  • Don’t have a website to show you guys, but their facility is old but is taken care of.  They have a HUGE grass field that they move the jumps around in so they can rest certain areas in different parts of the year.  
  • They grow hay here, so there are large hay rolls everywhere.
  • They seem very willing to do whatever turnout wise, and feed wise.
  • The husband seems more so a jumper, and I’ve been told by others since he does a lot of sales (he works with my trainer) he can be a bit shady, but I don’t know if that was only in sales or in all other aspects of working with him.
  • They are friendly with my trainer so maybe they’d let her come once in a while to see me and Libby.
  • They have a groom, I don’t know if this is a good point or a bad one ha.
  • They are at the top of our price range, but it includes two lessons a week and the use of the groom.  
  • Don’t really know much about their training methods, watched a lesson with a little girl and her pony.

So thats where I’m at now.  I am so indecisive, that I really don’t know which one I’m even leaning towards.

In other news, my trainer told me Libby felt short for her ride and asked if I wanted to inject her.  I said no straight away, and asked to give her a bit more time off.  If she still seems sore on Wednesday, then I’m going to rethink the show, because I don’t want to push her just for the show and start injecting her places just to get her comfortable to show.  There are always going to be more shows, but I only have one Lib.  She gets the day off tomorrow and then we’ll see how she is Wednesday.


16 thoughts on “January 14th, 2013

  1. I'd say Santa Rosa, don't compromise your feeding options. If its a high price but includes lesson and a groom then its worth the $$ if you can afford it, or see if not using a groom will reduce the board.


  2. I would vote to go see another lesson at Santa Rosa… perhaps ask to see someone more advanced get a lesson so you can get a feel for their style of teaching.


  3. I should have been more specific. The other barn is open to whatever I want to feed, but I like her to have hay in front of her at almost all times so I'm assuming that would be a bit more.

    They unfortunately don't have a non-groom package. Wouldn't that be perfect?!


  4. But is it good hay? I took your comment to mean that it isn't great hay, and not enough. Did you just mean that there wasn't enough hay? I would look into prices for more hay… I'm a big advocate of horses having hay ad lib, and I know some places around here charge a crazy amount per extra flake. It might bump up your monthly cost significantly.


  5. They have two options depending on what you want. The T/A/O mixture is nice, and shes meticulous when it comes to quality of it, has been known to send stuff back if its not up to par. But I'd like Lib to get more of it. I'm going to send her an email today, asking about all the upcharges I'm probably going to encounter and how much its all going to cost overall. So well see!


  6. They both sound more doable than where you are currently at. At Twin Oaks though, if you don't like the trainer and end up trailering out, then would your costs be as high as Santa Rosa? I agree see another more adv lesson at Santa Rosa, and worse be it, maybe try to trailer over and get a lesson so you really get a better feel for the trainer.


  7. I actually buy my own extra hay for Henry (he needs more then the BO will provide (4 flakes) and it's cheaper for me to buy it then pay her for an extra flake). Maybe that can be an option if you want Libby to have extra?

    That would be perfect if the Santa Rosa place would let you bring in your trainer… might be worth asking! 🙂

    Is there anyone who can tell you a little more about the trainers at both places?

    The never ending hunt for you!


  8. I've been messaging on and off all day a girl from the Twin Oaks place and she's been telling me a lot about that trainer. She said care wise, they are second to none. They'll call when anything they feel is out of place. Training wise she said the trainer isn't as up to date on the hunters, but is actively working to better herself and become more current.

    For the Santa Rosa place, I don't know anyone there, and the only other person who knows them is my trainer, so I don't want to ask her. I remember her saying before that the wife is a very good teacher, in that she explains things very well, but that she isn't the best rider. And she had told me earlier that the husband is a little rough and tough at times, which I obviously don't like.


  9. I honestly think it sounds like you like the 1st place best and you have a friend who boards there who can give you the low down. Your current trainer sounds like a flake and maybe you want to just move on from her anyway (not continue with lessons at a different site). Regarding the training techniques at the first place, can you talk to the trainer about her plans for Libby and express your expectations? Best to do this upfront rather than wait until something happens that you aren't cool with. Maybe this is silly, but it sounds like it would be fun to board somewhere your friend boards!


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