January 16th & 17th, 2013

January 16th:  Got out to the barn super early, as has been my schedule, and Libby had not been fed yet.  Allowed her a couple bites, she eats extremely slow so waiting for her to finish and allowing her time to digest afterwards would have taken hours, and then brought her out to groom her and tack up.   Her feet have been doing a lot better since I’ve been applying the thrush stuff and the oil. By the way, for anyone looking for a new thrush remedy, this stuff has been working really well for me.  I found it in our local feed store, and funny enough its made by someone I actually know and have shown against back home!  I love that its clear and doesn’t stain anything. 

Anyways, got her all tacked up and headed out to the ring.  Unfortunately for me, I had totally forgotten her ear puffs, but luckily she was a good girl without them today.  She was a bit dead to my leg, but I quickly nipped that in the butt, and got her more responsive off my leg.  I didn’t do too much with her, still wary of her being sore, but she didn’t feel short at all and felt back to her normal Libby self.  I truly think she was a bit short behind more so because of getting back shoes on for the first time then because of the mini episode.  Now that shes used to them she was a bit of a powerhouse, and definitely liking the grip she had.  After doing a bit of lateral work, just some figure eights, I gave her the reins and stretchy trotted around the ring for a bit.  Good girl!

Brought her in, and cleaned her up, and realized that I was running SUPER late.  Luckily the groom was nearby and could graze her a bit longer for me so I could leave.  They do come in handy sometimes, but I still love not having a groom.

January 17th: I didn’t feel well at all in the morning, thanks to a late night out, so had to forgo riding.  Its alright, she’ll get another day of rest. 

My trainer called me later in the day to tell me that her grandfathers surgery was moved to this upcoming week, so shes trying to get our stalls moved to the week after so we can show then.   I wouldn’t mind waiting to show for another week, since it would give Libby time to get on the supplement and get back to the routine.  But that also means I’ll be with my trainer longer….

Spoke to the trainer from the Twin Oaks place, and she seemed very willing to do whatever I needed.  Spoke to her about the shavings, hay, feed, and training aspects, everything I was worrying about and she answered every question I had and made me feel at ease.  I know from my last post many of you were saying that it sounded like I was leaning more so towards this barn, which I really didn’t think I was, but after talking with her I think I am now.   My roommate pointed out to me that the main reason why I liked the other barn was because I had the idea that since my trainer was friendly with theirs that she could come and give me lessons there.  What I didn’t think about, which she kindly brought to my attention, was that if my trainer doesn’t have time for me now, at the facility where she supposedly spends a lot of her time, how is she going to make time to come to another facility, which is very true.  So on that, I started leaning towards the Twin Oaks place, even though its not necessarily a show barn, which I had really wanted.  Now, if any of you see something that I’m not, please bring it to my attention!! I’m so nervous to make the wrong decision in this!

In other news, Libbys supplements came today, and I’ll be bringing them out to her tomorrow.  She’s actually getting a training ride, my trainer wants to feel her to make sure she doesn’t feel short at all, so I won’t get to ride, but I think I may start pulling her mane.  We’ll see….


11 thoughts on “January 16th & 17th, 2013

  1. I've been riding through your posts and the boarding situation in America intrigues me greatly. Are full care farms with trainers the most usual boarding situation? Are there any less intense ways of doing it (like hiring a paddock and the corner of the tack room, and doing all the horse care yourself? Are grooms common?
    It all seems pretty different from here 🙂 (Australia)


  2. It depends on what your looking for. There are places here that offer dry stalls, where your essentially just renting the physical stall, and you do all the work yourself. There are some boarding stables that don't have resident trainers there. Grooms are common among the show world here, and their jobs range from just mucking the stalls to total care of the horses, including tacking an untacking. It all depends on what your looking for, and how much you can afford. 🙂


  3. Sounds like you have most of the facts to look at and are considering them in a smart way so I would say just think about what would be best for you – which so far seems like the TO place. I totally agree with what your roommate said – no way will she have time for you consistently at a new barn if she can't squeeze you in that well when you actually board with her (therefore she is making more money off you…).

    Hope Libby continues to improve – back shoes for Houston were a BIG help. He really started progressing leaps and bounds when we took that step.


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