January 18th, 2013

Libby got a training ride today, but I still went out in the morning to drop off her new supplements.  Heard later in the day that she was awesome, and feeling back to her old self, YAY!

After classes, spent the rest of the day at the schooling show in the area, since both the Twin Oaks place and the Santa Rosa farm was there.  Didn’t get to see much of the Santa Rosa stable, for whatever reason after I saw their trailer I didn’t see much of them again, but I did get to hang around the Twin Oaks farm for a bit, specifically the girl who has the green horse, A.  A told me more about her feelings on the trainer, how they have great care, but how she doesn’t think the trainer’s used to girls who have shown a lot, and are pretty much self-sufficient, and that she’s probably more used to ultra beginners.  Not that thats a bad thing, the trainer is getting used to not having to watch her every second but she mentioned it so I thought I would.  Overall a fun day.

And I’ve got photos to show you!! For those of you who are friend with me on FB you’ve already seen these, but I still love them so here they are!

Candid shot

Walking to get to work
Her neck in this…
I need to learn to keep my fingers CLOSED!
Fancy fancy FANCY!
So cute!
She looks so brown here
She looks so light!
Pretty girl
Canterring, with one ear listening 🙂
Her blaze looks so cool here
I think I was fixing her wild mane here, not quite sure why I look so scared
Can’t not get the “eye shot”
Where she got the name Libby Lipstick
Good girl after our ride

Barrage of photos I know! But I feel like I am so lacking in that department, so here ya go!! Trainer ride again tomorrow where shes jumping a bit bigger, and we’ll be getting more pics!! And more going to shows 🙂


14 thoughts on “January 18th, 2013

  1. I was just waiting for someone to ask 🙂 Finding a bit combo that this mare likes and respects has been tough. And for whatever reason she really likes the pelham with one rein, but only on the curb. We've been trying to get her more comfortable in it with both reins on, since this obviously isn't legal, or to get her more comfortable in a slow twist dee, which we are trying to make her showing bit, but we always come back to this configuration if we are just hacking her. When we first tried it, the old fashioned rider in me said to my trainer, this isn't supposed to be used this way, but she assured me that its definitely not as harsh as I would think.

    It works out well though, I have super soft hands (sometimes too soft) and you really don't need to touch her mouth for much of anything, she listens mostly off your seat, but it does look ugly. I really want to try a Dr. Bristol on her, or a full cheek, but with the show close, I don't want to do to much fiddling.

    Phew, I hope this wasn't too long and boring lol


  2. Love all of the pictures. Especially her standing in the wash rack for some reason. Glad that Libby is doing better- and that you got to see the barns at the show – I imagine that gave you a better “feel”. 🙂


  3. Thanks 🙂 It did, but then makes my decision even harder. I think me and the other two girls who actively show are going to trailer out to lessons if I go there. Its nice knowing people with trailers.


  4. Her lips are so cute. I never noticed that before. And for the record, I ride in a bit that is supposed to be used with two reins but I only ever use the curb part too. Whatever works!


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