January 20th, 2013

Yesterday, I hung around HITS all day, and Libby got the day off.  She was supposed to get a training ride, but my trainer said the sales ran too late so she would ride her today.  I love being around the show here, but it really makes me want to go home and be at the show at home with all my old barn friends. 

Today, I also hung around the show, and then went to watch my trainer ride her.  Libby was good, but my trainer said she still felt a little sore.  My trainer kept saying how its a good thing she switched the show date because Libby wasn’t ready and she didn’t want to push her…. Hm, sounds like something I said to her huh?  Anyways, since my photographer friend was there with me, I got some pictures of Lib schooling a bit.  Since she was still sore, she didn’t do as much as we had planned for her to do, but still.  Sorry that some of the pictures are a bit blurry, don’t know what happened, and like I’ve said before, I do no agree with my trainers decision to not wear a helmet.  I always wear mine, only get one brain, but thats her choice.  Well, here they are 🙂

So cute!

And the proud mother watches from the sidelines…

I don’t necessarily like her in the gag, I feel like she stretches down through the arc of the jump much more without it, but that was her bit of choice today.  Overall I was a little sad that poor Lib is still uncomfortable, but I’m happy that she ended on a good note.  I think we just need to give the supplements time to work, and give her time to feel better.  Like I said before, I only get one Libby and there are other shows/times I can show her, I just want her to feel like her old self again. 

Going out tomorrow to check on her.  In other news, I bought my first Extreme Air shirt today!  These shirts are so popular right now, and I really wanted one in Burgundy, so when I saw them in the local tack store for cheap I snagged one! Woohoo for deals!


11 thoughts on “January 20th, 2013

  1. I have been wanting one, ever since I saw someone wearing it at the horse show. I like mine, but I'm in between sizes, so I opted for the smaller size, since I looked like I was swimming in the larger size. I don't know if its my body type or if the sizing is just weird. But its comfortable. I can't comment on if it really helps with the cooling aspect though, since its not exactly hot here yet.


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