January 21st, 2013

Got out to the barn to check on Libby, I’d decided I was just going to give her a spa day since she was sore yesterday.  Got there and waked into the tack room, and was so upset to find that not only had my saddle pads (including my half pad) been used, but so had my bridle, and my saddle.  My saddle had my cover carelessly thrown over it, with my stirrups at totally different lengths. I was seething, and called my trainer right away, but she didn’t answer.  As I sat down, still super angry, there was a girl talking to some clients and showing her the horses for sale in the barn, and wouldn’t you know, she was trying to sell them Libby, giving them a sales pitch like you wouldn’t believe.  At that point, my trainer was calling me back and I told her everything, how my stuff was used and everything, to which she called the BO about afterwards.  But I told her then that I’m leaving after the show.  I let her know that I would probably still try to trailer to her for a couple lessons a month, and to other people in the industry like Carl Bessette and whoever else I know thats up here.  She was surprisingly ok with everything, which I was happy about.  She’s known I haven’t been happy there for a while so it didn’t come as a surprise to her. 

Even though things went well with telling my trainer everything, I was still really upset about my stuff being used.  So I gave Libby and Vetrolin bath, and tried to start her mane, which I didn’t get to do for very long since the groom decided to start feeding. 

Still haven’t heard from my trainer about how she did today, the 22nd, but hopefully she felt better then she did on Sunday. 


24 thoughts on “January 21st, 2013

  1. Lol, guess you should take you gelding Libby and leave, lol. I can't believe someone not only using your tack, but putting it back haphazardly like that. glad your trainer took the news well, and hope Libby feels better soon


  2. I would have lost it. It's good that you're leaving that situation but that you left things well with your trainer. If you can't lock up some of your stuff, maybe you should take some of it home and just bring it back and forth.


  3. I was thinking of doing that with my saddle, since its the only thing that doesn't fit in my trunk. But I don't like keeping it in my car, and I'm afraid my roommates dog would think of it as a chew toy.


  4. I would have blown a gasket. All my tack used and my horse advertised as for sale? Are you kidding me! It would make me wonder what the heck was going on when I wasn't there. Did your baker turn up yet? I would make sure you either get it back or tell your trainer you'd like it replaced or compensated for….

    Glad your trainer took it well!


  5. They tried to sell your horse? WTF?! I would be livid too, and sounds like you were way more calm than I would have been. Can you lock your stuff up until you leave?


  6. Yea, not very well though, and the people who she was “showing” her to didn't seem interested since she told them the price.

    Right now everything but my saddle and saddle fittings are locked up. I just can't fit everything in my trunk and don't like the idea of taking it home everyday.


  7. OMG OMG!!! I would have busted out there and been like EXCUSE ME!?!?! Wow you are a better person then me for keeping your cool! hahaha!

    And now they are using ALL your tack? Aye girl… did your trainer have an explanation for any of it- tack, pads, trying to sell your horse?!

    SO glad you are moving!!! And yay that she took it so well- she HAD to know it was coming with all that has been going on 😦


  8. I laughed pretty obnoxiously when she told them she was gelding, and kept laughing when she told them her “asking price”.

    My trainer wanted me to take all my stuff home and to tell the BO not to allow anyone to use my stuff. She doesn't know who did it since shes not there so often anymore 😦

    And me too you have no idea! Just sorting everything out now with price and everything.


  9. I can't believe what you are having to put up with. If someone was trying to sell my horse, I would've walked up to them and said “She's not for sale” very firmly. I'm glad you are leaving that place, they obviously don't take you seriously as a client anymore. When I was with my previous trainer, I would lock my stuff up because other people would take off with it. I don't get why it is so hard for people at horse barns to not touch what isn't theirs? Maybe you could put a sign on your saddle and write not to use without your permission? Maybe that would stop them? Let them know that you're not stupid.


  10. Yea I am too. I just proceeded to laugh loudly, to which they probably thought I was some looney bin, but oh well. I would lock my saddle but it doesn't fit in my trunk, and we don't have tack lockers. I've spoken to the BO about my stuff being used and she said she would “see to it” that it doesn't happen again, so I'm assuming she knows who it is.


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