January 28th, 2013

Got up early and headed out to the barn.  Libby had thankfully finished her grain, and they had grained on time for once, so I got to take her right out and start grooming.  I really think grooming might be one of my favorite things to do with Lib.  I know she enjoys it, and its relaxing for me.  Shes always dirty enough for a nice grooming when I get there.  I’m starting think she does that on purpose.

After I got her nice a shiny, got her boots on and tacked up.  I want to talk to my trainer about possibly hacking her in just a dee, since I think we don’t need the pelham just when were flatting.  I’ll have to see what she says.  Got on and she was super dull at first, but as her engines started revving up a bit, she felt great.  Nice and forward, and fluid.  Her canter felt enormous today too.  Didn’t do to much with her, had a nice relaxing ride.  Afterwards, I cooled her out by walking around the property for a bit.  I’m getting used to allowing her to walk around more, since she always seems to want to explore now.  Timid mom doesn’t always want to allow that though!  After a little romp, brought her back in, groomed her again, cleaned my tack, and gave her lots of treats.  Didn’t graze her though, since I think shes getting a little pushy with that I want to have time to work with her. 

Since I’m going to be moving, I’m also going to have to switch her feed once I move her.  I’ve been researching a lot of feeds, and I think I’ve found one that sounds perfect for her.  Believe me though, as someone who always just allowed the trainer to pick the feeds for me, I was a bit overwhelmed when I first started looking at everything.  But Seminole feeds make a Wellness blend called Perform Safe that is specially formulated for horse prone to tying up.  It has added Vitamin E and Selenium, and is low in starch and high in fats.  So yay for finding that!

Other then that, nothing big to share.  Training ride tomorrow, but I won’t be able to go out and watch.  I’ll be out there though on Wednesday.


10 thoughts on “January 28th, 2013

  1. Me too. I've never been the type to like trail rides and such, had an awful experience as a young child so it always instills fear in me, I'm hoping to allow her more since she seems to like it.


  2. The new barn does, but for whatever reason, they don't like feeding the same hay that I like her on. I want her to stay on a nice blend of either O and A, or T and A, but the owner doesn't like to have to much A in their hay. So I'm prb going to have her on something different then everyone else. Feed wise, they feed an equivalent of what shes on now, but since I was moving anyways I thought why not get her on a feed better suited to her needs.


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