February 2nd and 3rd, 2013

I’ve been such a slacker lately when it comes to my blog.  All I can say is when this show is over, it will be much easier for me to be more on top of things.  Friday, Libby was supposed to get a training ride, and I never received a message back from my trainer telling me when to come out, so I didn’t.  Instead my roomie and I went to go see Warm Bodies, which was GREAT! If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you guys to go!! Or read the book, since both are awesome!

Got to the horse show to watch my roomie show, she does the jumpers with her little mare, and got to the barn.  Thankfully, she was all groomed up and her mane was freshly pulled.  Yay!! Was grooming her and chatting, and my trainer told me she didn’t end up having time for her yesterday and that she wanted to work her today, and tomorrow I would warm her up for her and shed work her over fences for a final time before going to the show.  Was not happy to hear that, since I could’ve ridden the day before…

But oh well.  Got her tacked up for my trainer and she schooled her.  Lib looked great, except shes been late with her changes, which is very strange for her.  Shes one of those horses that naturally will change her leads on course so we never really work on them at home.  My trainer said it wasn’t anything to worry about, since she only missed it once, but that its probably because shes rather bored there.  I still don’t think she should be missing changes though, but hopefully shes right. 

Sunday got out to the barn around 1 and hacked her for a few minutes before my trainer got on.  She had a friend trainer there who was being her eyes on the ground, and was helping her with one of her baby horses so I watched for a bit before we switched.  When we were making the switch, her trainer friend took the other horse.Hes a really nice horse, but was gelded really late, and still had some stalliony tendencies.  He needs to be lead with a whip some days, and as the trainer was leading him out, he tried to take a little bite out of the trainers arm.  When the trainer went to reprimand him, Libby must’ve thought he was coming at her with the whip and she had a little melt down.  Now mind you I was mid landing off the side of her from dismounting, so I was caught very off guard when she scooted away from me, which was also the direction of the trainer.  Poor Libs.  Anyone else have a horse with a whip phobia??  After calming her down with some pats, my trainer got on and schooled her over fences.  Lib was jumping great, and was getting her leads, which made me feel better about the day before.  Of course, I have no photos to show you guys 😦 I know I’ve been really slacking on that these days.

Cleaned and oiled all my tack and packed everything up for the show, and the move!  Lib gets to the show grounds tomorrow, but unfortunately due to my awful schedule this semester, I won’t get to see her there until Tuesday. But I’m super excited to show!


14 thoughts on “February 2nd and 3rd, 2013

  1. I've never had a horse with a whip phobia, but I did have one with a chain phobia. Any chain in his halter (like for AQHA showmanship) would send him into a tizzy, but he did get much better after years of patience with it. Good luck at the show!


  2. Me too!! And yea, not only does he have stallion tendencies, but the owner before spoiled him rotten. He still doesn't quite understand that the world doesn't revolve around him.


  3. Houston used to be very antsy about the whip (still is about dressage whips/ sticks) and my trainer and I worked him together. I would hold him and she would drape the whip over his back (slowly)- we did this every time he was lunged until he learned that the whip wouldn't hurt him etc. Maybe that is something to try – just so she doesn't have meltdowns when a whip comes at her.


  4. Its not necessarily the fact that the whip or crop is there, more so the whooshing sound it makes that shes terrified of. I never really need to use a lunge whip with her, she has voice commands pre installed. It'll be hard though when we are at a show and someone else uses it on their horse… I guess well have to desensitize her more to the noise, like you said.


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