February 6th, 2013

Took a quick break from my studies to update you guys on how we did at the show today!

Was told that our class wasn’t going on until at least 12, so I got there a little later then I had the day before, around 9:30.  Libby was getting braided when I got there, which was a first for her!  She really wasn’t a fan of it, kept trying to shake her head to get away from the weird feeling, but she got used to it.  Got some breakfast, and went to check our ring, which was moving so slow.  Around 11:00 we decided to get the two horses ready, and my trainer got on the gelding while I led Libby out, which meant that she was schooling the gelding before Lib yet again.

Got out to the ring and there was nothing going on in it.  There was seriously no one in the ring for 30 minutes, I was told it was a trainer conflict, but how ridiculous is that? Back home they would never wait that long for a trainer conflict to be resolved.  Not only did I have to wait for that, but the gelding was really bad again so my trainer was focusing all her attention on him.  It wasn’t until the class was almost done, and I had been waiting with Libby for almost an hour and a half that she finally called it quits with him and got on to school Libby.  And because she’d now waited until the warm up ticketed ring was super busy, she wasn’t going to have time to school Libby over one line to get her juices flowing.  So Libby went into her first trip and wasn’t too awake yet.  The first line of the course she just didn’t make it down in time, and she had a late change.  Other then that the course was fine, but obviously we were out of the running because of those faults.  For the second course, she was much more awake, and ready for business, got all her leads and got down the lines well.  But my trainer had decided to go with the corkscrew with her today, a bit that I think is too much for Libby (we used it at the last show we went to and she didn’t do well with it then) and sure enough it was too much bit.  So tomorrow were going with the smooth dee, which I’m sure Libby will appreciate.  And unfortunately, since we had mistakes and were in a class of 25, we didn’t pin 😦  The judge I think was also more old school since the horses he did pin weren’t my type of hunter.  But I was happy with Libby and how she marched right into the ring and did her job.  And how she quietly waited along side me at the ring.  Overall I was proud, but was a bit disappointed that we didn’t pin in anything.  A friend took video and a couple pictures, but she hasn’t sent them to me yet, so once I get them I will of course post them for you guys. 

Just braided

Waiting ringside
Look at me standing like a saint 🙂


15 thoughts on “February 6th, 2013

  1. Thank you!!

    Not so much that she goes better. Many horses have their show bits and their home bits, where at home they might not need as much brakes or in some cases some horses like less bit in their mouths at shows. Libby is quite content with the pelham at home, but its too much for her at the show.

    I did used to have a horse that would get dull in a sense if you didn't switch his bit up often. Thankfully Libby doesn't need that.


  2. Ah so is so cute all dolled up! I am glad she was so good and level headed at the show! That is the best to see them like that, it helps you have confidence in them 🙂


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