February 8th, 2013

Note to self: plan a show better.  This week was so busy, and stressful with the show and all my school work, but I’m glad its over!

Thursday, since the other horse my trainer had there had a meltdown the day before, she focused much of her attention on Libby.  I was super excited to see her go in the flat class, surely she would get a ribbon in there, and I wanted to see how she was over fences being a bit more comfortable in the ring the second day.  

So we got to the ring and my trainer quickly warmed her up and we got her into the flat class, of which they DID NOT split.  I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t split a baby green flat class that had to so many horses in it, but what ever.  Libby went in and was such a good girl.  Horses were freaking out all around her, missing leads, and she handled herself really well!  I was super excited during the lineup to hear her number, since she;d done so well and shes a cute mover.  They started calling out the numbers and I knew she isn’t going to get anything, in this flat class or in the over fences classes.  They horse that pinned first was ATROCIOUS, and was the horse the had flipped out and swapped his leads, but I knew that there was something underhanded going on with the judging.  Out of the 8 horses that pinned 4 had issues in the flat that the judge just couldn’t have noticed.  I was extremely dissappointed, mostly at this show.  HITS is the only real rated show in the area, and if its this overrun with this kind of dirty judging, I really wanted no part.  Even at home, a horse that deserves it will place. 

Anyways, got Libby ready for her over-fences classes, and she looked great.  We had switched her bit, per my request, from a corkscrew to a smooth snaffle. She could have used the slow twist, but the smooth snaffle was what we had, so I wanted my trainer to use it on her.  She was just way to sensitive to the other bit.  Got in the ring for our first trip, and everything looked great.  Until Libby ‘supposedly’ spooked in the far corner, missed her change, and my trainer excused herself.  Yes, excused herself.  I was super upset, not so much at Libby, who I am certain needs a bit more work on her changes, but at my trainer for leaving the ring.  I want Libby to know that this is her job, she doesn’t get to be finished and leave after one mistake.  But I held it together for our second trip which was LOVELY.  Landed every change, jumped everything awesome, I was so proud of her!! I didn’t even wait for the ribbon calling, since I knew something was going on, and sure enough when I checked them online that night three of the horses that had pinned had had very bad chips and one even had a missed change. 

Overall was very happy with Libby.  I was so proud of her for being such a good show pony, she even has the waiting along ringside down pat.  😉

After the show, and giving Libby lots of kisses and treats, I rushed over to school to do my exams, turn in my essays, and get that all sorted out.  And then Friday, today, I moved Libby to the new farm.

Everything went well, except some of my stuff has gone missing, I’ve been assured that they will find it, but Libby loaded right up.  Weirdly enough, when I got her off of the trailer she had cut herself, on what we don’t know, but she was a bit frazzled.  But she settled into the new place really quick.  I’m giving her today and Saturday off since she was such a good girl at the show, but I’m going to go out tomorrow and walk her around and play with her a bit. 

I didn’t get pictures of her over fences unfortunately, I might buy some from the professional photographer but man are they expensive, but I do have the candids my friend took of us on Wednesday.   She also took video of our Wednesday trips, but she hasn’t had time to upload them for me so I’ll get them on here as soon as I get them 🙂


23 thoughts on “February 8th, 2013

  1. Sorry you felt bad about the judging. Sometimes they are really overwhelmed I guess. My ex-trainer judged at a schooling show and I felt embarassed because she placed this girl at 1st who was sawing her horses mouth. Horse was perfectly fine! I don't know why my trainer never caught onto it?! She did it like every 2 minutes! Life isn't fair. Libby sure looks awesome with her mane braided! Very beautiful!


  2. Poor judging like that is frustrating… every now and then horses that shouldn't place get pinned because the judge just didn't see something, but sometimes you know there's something else going on.

    Libby looked absolutely gorgeous and hopefully the next show will go better.


  3. Im glad Libby was a good girl!

    It can be really tough to see everything when you are judging. Even though some horses might make mistakes, the winning horse might be just that much nicer. You can really learn a lot when you take judging classes or judge for yourself. But the judging in hunter, is the exact reason I event.

    You trainer kind of sounds like she is not the greatest. I don't understand why she would excuse herself. Was she having a temper tantrum?


  4. I am SO happy that she was a good girl!!! That is all that matters but I agree it sucks when judges don't judge fairly! Ugh!

    Yay that the move went well.. but more missing stuff?! AH you poor thing!


  5. I hope the stuff that is missing isn't big stuff. Not that that makes it more okay but atleast then if it doesn't turn up it's not like it was a baker or a bridle?

    Glad libs was a good girl and so glad that you are at the new farm now. Hope that it is a healthier environment for you two.


  6. Sucks that's how hunter judging goes sometimes. All you can do is concentrate on the positives, and it sounds like she gave you plenty to be proud of! She is such a gorgeous girl.


  7. She's SO pretty all braided up! Sorry the judging was crappy, I would have a hard time with that. Glad you got out of that barn, it sounds like your new one is much better!!


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