February 10th & 11th, 2013

Sunday was my first ride at the new barn.  Drove out there and there were lots of people, some kids taking lessons, and some people there to just ride their horses.  I had really missed this social aspect of riding and was glad to have it back.  Libby was turned out, so went to get her from turnout, and boy was she gross.  Cleaned her up, tried on her new bell boots, got her all tacked up and headed out for a nice easy ride for her first one on the the farm.  I’d decided to stick her on the lunge, just to see what I was working with, and she was lazy as ever.  So I just got on and she was great.  I rode her in the pelham with two reins, which she hates, but stayed out of her mouth and just walk/trot/cantered her around.  I even trotted her over a couple verticals that had been set up for a beginner lesson earlier and she was good about it.  Didn’t rush to them or anything, and kept her same steady pace to the base.  Overall I was really proud of her.  Gave her a nice bath after the ride, she was gross when I was grooming her. I noticed her hock sores were coming back so had a conversation with the BO about upping the bedding and/or switching the bedding to something more supportive.  Gave her lots of treaties and kisses and headed home.

New barn aisle.

Libby wouldn’t stop bowing when I went into her stall yesterday

The new barn.

During our first ride! Such a good girl!

Far view of the grass ring.

Today, I decided to change her bit the the one I’ve had for a while.  Its the Dr. Bristol dee with the slow twist sides. 

Sorry for the dirt and slobber!

She was still nice and clean from her bath yesterday, so grooming wasn’t as much of a chore as it was the day before.  Waited a bit for my friend to get tacked up (yes I now have people to ride with!) and headed out to ride.  She was a bit cold backed today, but nothing bad, we worked our way of out it.  Did lots of circling, and figure eights to get out that sensitive energy.  She was a good girl overall, not spooky, and did everything I asked. Even trotted her again over some of the fences there to keep her brain stimulated.  Was very proud of her and happy with how she responded to the new bit.  We might have a winner! At least for right now.

Hosed her down, gave her treats, and had a little social time before headed back home to get to class.  Nice and relaxing!!! I have to set up some vaccinations for her and some lessons with the new trainer, wonder how that’ll go. 

What Libby thinks of riding in the early morning.

Pretty girl!


16 thoughts on “February 10th & 11th, 2013

  1. So glad she was good for the first couple of rides at the new barn 🙂 On that note, it looks gorgeous!! I'm happy for you guys, I know what it's like to want out of a crappy boarding situation and the relief you feel when you're finally free.


  2. Yes very nicely kept up. The owners are very proactive and are always looking for ways to improve. For instance they've already orders rubber mats for the aisle ways and washracks and are currently building a HUGE tack room.


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