February 12th, 2013

If there’s one thing I cannot stand in the horse world, its when people nickel and dime you.  It just doesn’t make sense to do it.  We as equestrians already pay so much for our sport, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who tries to shave a little costs whenever I can. 

So I get to the barn, and realize Libbys thrown a shoe.  Go out in the field and see it shiny in the dirt, and am getting ready to call up my farrier when the farrier who does a lot of the horses at the barn shows up.  “Great!” I think, I can just get him to tack it on for me, no biggie, and I’ll still be able to ride today.  Asked him to do it for me and thankfully he agreed and tacked it on for me.  He was nice and talkative, asking me who my farrier was and where I had Libby before, thought he was a nice guy.  Libby was being a bit of a pill but he handled it well.

Got Libby all tacked up, and had a nice ride.  She was nicely forward, but not too sensitive.  Especially since there was a lot going on.  My friend A, the one who actually trailered me to Twin Oaks, was bringing her horses to take lessons with my trainer this morning.  So the trailer was out, the horses were getting loaded and Libby didn’t care at all.  Good girl.  Didn’t do too much since it was extremely humid and I didn’t have a lot of time left.  Got off and started untacking and loving on her.  I’m really so proud of her, and so happy that I have her.  She’s really settled in nicely and relatively quick. 

As I was heading over to the board to see what the lesson schedule was this week, the farrier asked me if I was still going to use my farrier to which I replied yes.  Immediately upon hearing my answer he told me it would be $35 for tacking on the shoe, and that he prefers checks over credit cards.  I was stunned.  Never in my life have I EVER had to pay for someone to tack a shoe back on.  Like ever, and South Florida is known for its expenses.  I was floored, but chose to not say anything and just gave him his check.  Have you guys ever had to pay for that? I feel like its ridiculous, but maybe I’ve been spoiled with good natured farriers.

Overall Libby was good.  Early ride tomorrow, and day off on Thursday so I can go watch my friends take lessons with my trainer. 


22 thoughts on “February 12th, 2013

  1. I don't know… I would expect to pay a small fee for a farrier to tack a shoe on, especially if my horse was being a bit of a tool. With my regular farrier I would appreciate it being gratis, but not necessarily expect it. With a farrier I didn't use, I would expect to pay a nominal fee and if they refused, I'd at least try to buy them a coffee or something for doing me a favour.

    I don't think the fact that he charged you is outrageous, but perhaps the cost is a bit high? I really can't say as I don't know what his prices are. It's high for me as I pay a little more than that for a full trim (no shoes on little Mex yet).


  2. Really? I mean I say pill but I was right there with a chain, and then she was good. I guess I've really been spoiled with farriers that will do it out of kindness.

    His prices are high, which is why I wasn't going to have him shoe Libby in the first place. Oh well, I guess now I know right?


  3. My regular farrier would never charge to come up and tack on a shoe, not even if it was out of his way, not even if I had lost the shoe. But the barn farrier would absolutely charge (his time=money) and the going rate in New England to tack on a shoe is $25-$40.


  4. I think a big part of it is the fact that he's not your farrier. You won't be using him (ie paying him) in the future, so why do you a favour for free? Plus if he didn't charge he might get into a situation where you ask him to do it a few more times (= more time and no money put into a non client)… Or word gets out that he'll “tack on a shoe for free” and he'll have more non clients requesting. Good way to make friends… Not a good way to make money.

    It makes sense that he charged.


  5. Now see, I think it makes sense that he asked and charged appropriately. If you would become a client, doing it for free would be a great way to build the relationship. But since you're not, all it would leave him is unpaid time, plus the scenarios I listed above.


  6. Um I think he is dumb and now will NEVER have a client out of you… you are new to the barn and it's possible you would change over to him in the future BUT not now.

    I understand charging you if it happened again but he should remember that you are a potential customer, maybe not right this second.

    $35 is almost a full trim around here!!

    Anywho that is my 2 cents 🙂

    I guess I have always been spoiled with nice farriers too 🙂


  7. My normal farrier has never charged me to tack on a shoe… Now I do know that there is another farrier who has come out when our normal farrier can't to tack on a shoe for someone (he has no clients in our barn) and he charged $20. If I wasn't a client and had no relationship with the farrier I would think a fee is acceptable. Maybe not that high of a fee but a fee for sure.


  8. I can see paying a fee for a farrier to come out and put the shoe back on, they have to cover their gas cost after all. If the farrier was already there I am not sure what I would expect, but certainly not $35. I know farriers that will charge to pull off other farrier's shoes which I find odd, but thankfully I have never had a horse with shoes so it has never been an issue!


  9. Thats the way I looked at it. He COULD have had me as a client, but now I won't ever want to go there. But after reading everyone elses experiences with their farriers, I guess its not out of the norm.

    But I'm with you, I think we've been spoiled!


  10. I agree, it was probably because you aren't a client. I know my farrier will drive back out and put them on if they get lost, but I think because I'm a long time client.

    Major bummer though. That is gas money right there!


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