February 15th, 2012

Thankfully felt better in the morning, and headed out to the barn to do my rescheduled lesson.  Got there and it was freezing, okay 45 degrees, but man thats cold.  Libby was in and clean so grooming didn’t take long, but she was really stocked up again, and for some reason her left front leg was swollen.  There was no heat but I called the trainer out anyways to check her over, and trot her.  She was sound, so I got her ready to ride.  After two days off, and a very big dip in temperature, Lib was UP.  Had to lunge her for a few minutes before I got on, but once she seemed relatively quiet I got on. 

The lesson was a success!  We mostly were trying to get a feel for each other, and I’m sure the trainer wanted to see where Libby was at in her training.  After I got her on a sane plane, we worked through some trot poles, something we’ve never really worked on.  She was great, and towards the end was really stretch out her stride, and reach down through her topline.  I also worked on keeping my hands level, a problem I’ve had for a while, and keeping a consistent contact on my outside rein.  We didn’t do any jumping, which I was happy about since she was swollen earlier, but overall I think it was a very good lesson, and I was really happy with it. 

Got off and her swelling had gone down significantly.  After further inspecting it, I can see little cuts on her.  What I think is happening is when shes in turnout, and shes interacting with the horses in the paddock next to hers, shes pawing at them and cutting herself on the fence.  I told the BO to watch her from now on, and that I would get boots for her as soon as I can.  He said that they were going to start turning her out at different times then the other horse that she seems to be so infatuated with, which sounds good to me.  I came back to wrap her that night with my wilkers, but I need to pick up some no bows from the tack store.


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