February 17th, 2013

Yesterday was super busy.  Had a blind date to go on in the early afternoon, ugh, and had to fit time in between that and a play I had to watch for extra credit in one of my classes.  Date lasted a lot longer than I had planned for, so I rushed out to the barn to ride. 

It was really chilly.  I unfortunately got out to late, and had missed the wave of people that normally come on Sunday mornings.  Poo.  Got Libby out of her stall, and saw her taking a couple short strides.  Oh no.  I checked over her legs, took off her enormous heavy weight blanket, and went to go trot her.  The BO came out to help and trotted her for me, but she didn’t look off.  Hm.  She’ll take a short step every now and then, but it mostly looks like its from divots in the grass shes tripping on.   Okay, got her tacked up and brought her out to ride.  She didn’t feel off at all.  In fact she felt up, and I got to ride her on her worst mare day. Yay.  She was spooky, running through my hands, not listening to my seat or word commands.  Silly baby mare.  Eventually just got her to trot around nicely after fighting with her and called it a day.  I can’t win against her, so I just ended on a good note. 

Brought her in, and again I saw a little shortness.  The trainer was right there so I asked her to look at her, and she said it looks like shes just tripping on the divots again.  So I brought her in the barn aisle, concrete, and she didn’t look like it anymore.  I feel like I’m being paranoid, but still.  I wonder if the blankets are putting pressure on her shoulders so much so that shes wary to walk in them. I really hope not, because I have to wait until winters over to get some sales.  

I did buy her some hind Valena boots for a steal (35 bucks!) and I’m going to get her front ones to wear in the paddock.  Safety first, plus she only goes out for a couple of hours that I’m not too worried about heat build up.

Today, Monday, it is WAY to cold for me to go out in the morning, its in the 20’s right now, so I’m going to try to go out after classes late in the day.  Vets coming out tomorrow for vaccines, so I’ll have her look over Libbys legs just in case.


15 thoughts on “February 17th, 2013

  1. Sounds like your new barn has great care. My trainer would laugh if I asked for hue to go out in boots. We do have night turn out though so not especially practical.

    I love that you're so proactive about Libby's care and being very careful if you see even a touch of funny. You're doing a great job! I hope it's nothing but props to you for having the vet double check anyways.


  2. Yea they might switch to night turnout in the summer, but I don't think I'll be there, I'm bringing Libby home.

    And I try! If the whole ordeal with Ollie taught me anything, its better safe then sorry. I hope its nothing too…

    And uhhhh awkward. I just wasn't attracted to the poor guy at all 😦 Seems sweet, almost to a fault, just not for me. The search goes on….


  3. Gotcha- that will be nice I am sure!

    Bummer – take it from the queen of bad terrible awful dates… When you go on a good one finally the terrible ones seem worth it 🙂


  4. I always put buts on Henry when he's turned out… splint and bell boots. He is SURE to pull a shoe if I don't and I don't want to know how he'd hurt himself if I didn't put splints on.

    Oh blind date?! Oh i just read that you said it wasn't good boo!


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