February 18th & 19th, 2013

Not much to update.  Monday it was way to cold for me to go outside, so I gave Libby the day off, not really thinking anything of it.  I didn’t account for the fact that she was getting her vaccines the next day and would probably need that day off too… Ugh

Got out to the barn today and waited for the vet.  It came to 10:30 and the vet still wasn’t there and hadn’t called, so I checked my phone again and saw that I had a voicemail from her.  Hadn’t even heard the phone ring, but tried to listen to it, but I have awful service by the barn, so I couldn’t even retrieve it.  I thought maybe it was her saying she was late and on her way, but when 11 rolled around, I had to leave so I tried the voicemail again, only to hear it say that the first run she had was a founder and took a lot longer then she had anticipated, and shed be out the next morning at 9:30.  Ugh so Libby got yet another day off.  I’m sure she doesn’t mind but I do!

Also, as a side giggle, I’d put a thread on the COTH board asking for recommendations for blankets for wide shouldered horses.  I got this in my inbox entitled “Blankets”

“we’re warmbloods with big chests and wide shoulders, etc. Rambo rugs fit us best. The optimos are good, but aren’t as good as the old rambos for wicking sweat. But they have the “articulation” which means freedom of movement at shoulders and all. Check the sales on ebay as some new ones are 100 off over there! And get a liner, also on sale, for 100gm or 200gm as the 400gm comes with the optimo and it’s too hot unless you are in Montana.
The Bucas rugs are tight fitting and are hard to get around in.
Our owner tried other blankets by about 5 different makers, and only the rambos fit warmbloods well and allow us to walk and run and buck.”

Lol I think I’m actually going to look into the Smartpak blankets and/or the Riders International ones, since I heard great things about both, for wide horses. 

Going out early tomorrow to try and ride well before the vet gets out.  Heres to hoping that works!


8 thoughts on “February 18th & 19th, 2013

  1. There is a smartpak blanket on 20% sale right now. Not sure which one because I am not shopping at the moment but just passed the email earlier today or yesterday. Hope you get a ride in tomorrow am 🙂


  2. I saw that one earlier as well. I'm going to call them to gt more info about that one, because I was told that there was one SmartPak blanket that isn't as wide fitting but I don't remember which one exactly.


  3. LOVE the blanket advice- so cute!

    I ordered the smartpack blanket (i think you saw that).. it will be here Wednesday night so I will try it Thursday and let ya know 🙂


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