February 21st-22nd, 2013

These past few days have been super stressful for me, just because I am the epitome of a worry wart.  Yesterday when I got to the barn, Libby was in a sheet, and felt kind of warm.  Took off her sheet and took her temp, which was normal, and just started grooming her in the stall.  I’m so paranoid that I didn’t want to take her out of the stall, even though she still is getting turned out. 

Looked over her legs and everything, and everything was looking good.  Again no swelling no nothing.  Of course, I couldn’t see if she moved any better since she was in her stall, but I felt like she was stepping on it better then the day before.  Gave her lots of kisses and treats, to which she didn’t want since she’d just gotten her bute paste, and took some pictures.  I mean, what else are you going to do with your horse? 

Quiet barn
Her little white board on her stall.
So bored!
I wish her head wasn’t in a glare and that she was standing square. 

Today got out to the barn, and decided to be brave and bring her out of her stall.  I just walked her outside, and had someone walk her a bit so I could see.  She is almost 85% better, but still a little short on that left front.  I looked at it and it might be that I’m just being super nit picky, but on her left front where she has those cuts from what I’m assuming was the fence, it is slightly thicker then the other side.  Its like right behind the knee at the top of superficial digital flexor tendon.  I’m hoping that its just her skin being sensitive to those cuts, but I’m calling the vet anyways, because I’m so nervous.  The thickening is ever so slight, and theres no heat, but I’d rather be safe then sorry. 

 I took these pictures, but you really can’t see anything from them 😦 Oh well, at least shes still adorable…


18 thoughts on “February 21st-22nd, 2013

  1. Thank you! I read an article earlier about getting to know your Iphone camera to take better pictures, and I'm trying out all different angles and types of lighting to try and perfect it 🙂


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