February 23rd, 2013

Yesterday after leaving the barn, I spoke a little more with my vet and we decided to do stall rest with no turnout, but with hand walking for the rest of the weekend.  I also am poulticing her under Monday, which is when we are going to reevaluate her.  So I went back to the barn yesterday to poultice.

This morning went out and cleaned her up, got all the old poultice clay off, and hung out with her for a bit and handwalk her before I redid the poultice again.  Walked her around for a good 5-10 minutes of “working walk” and she did look a lot better to me.  Had the trainer walk her for me so I could see and take a video for you guys.  She looks 98% better but I still see the slightest hint of shortness in that left front leg. Tell me what you think.

Other then that, nothing too much to comment on.  Talked to a Smartpak rep today and was told the Smartpak classic turnout might be a really good choice for Libby.

Then again the Smartpak Deluxe is on sale….

We also spoke about supplements.  Libby has decided that she does not want anything to do with powders, no matter how we try to get her to eat it.  So that means a whole supplement change.  I need her to continue to get a supplement for Vitamin E and Magnesium, for her muscles, and I’d really like to keep her on the Farriers Formula.  I also want to start her on a joint supplement, but all these separate supplements add up quickly.  Still haven’t made any decisions yet, but I’m trying to see if maybe it would be cheaper to just get the bucket of Farriers Formula, the Acti-flex (which they don’t offer in Smartpaks), and I’ll have to find some Vitamin E/Magnesium supplement.  We’ll see…


12 thoughts on “February 23rd, 2013

  1. Houston is on the Smartpak good supplement and I love it. He's super picky about supplements too… Don't know if that's cheaper than FF but Houston's feet have looked fantastic since being on it.

    As for the video I had a hard time seeing much except when she turned… But im not always the best to ask about that kind of stuff. :/ hope she's 10″% Monday!


  2. I could really only tell during the turn, otherwise I don't think she looks bad, just a little short. For joint supplements I have my boy on Smartflex Resilience pellets. He eats them right up! If you do the comparison chart on supplements it has everything in it compared to others.


  3. Lol I figured as much. I'm trying to see if its specifically her E-Se-Mag that she doesn't like, or if its the electrolyte, or just the powders in general. Hopefully its the electrolyte…


  4. I think she looks pretty good in the video, but I am not the best at picking out lameness subtlety… hence why I posted a video on my blog as well! Simon is on Flex-n-Motion which was recommended to me by a friend in the industry. It's hard for me to tell if there is a difference since he is still on stall rest, but the price is right for sure.


  5. No 😦 The problem is with most of the combo supplements, it contain potassium which we need to stay away from. I have to get one for each thing she needs which is awful.


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