March 15th-18th, 2013

Wow I’m really behind.  Just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for your kind words, I really do appreciate it!!

March 15th:  Was excited to get to the barn.  I had missed my pony, and I wanted to see if I rode her from the beginning if she was still bad, or if it was something with the trainer.  Got out and groomed her up real good, and tacked her up.  Brought her out to the mounting block, and she was being weird.  Wouldn’t let me get on, and when I finally did get on she SHOT forward immediately.  Now, as you all know, Ms. Lib does tend to get cold backed, and has her little episodes, but this felt nothing like that, it honestly felt very strange, but I didn’t pay much attention and figured she was just really tight, so I warmed her up a while longer, and rode like normal.  Even trotted her over a couple fences, to which she was a bit fast to, but good overall.  Ended on a good note of which I was happy with. 

Started the new method of mane pulling with Libby since I’ve had it with her and regular pulling.  I’ve now started to use the Lynn Palm method for pulling her mane, and while she is a lot calmer, it takes FOREVER!!! But its working so hopefully in like a week her mane will finally be done, just in time to start back up again, ugh.  Not to mention Libby has three large cowlicks that make her mane look incredibly uneven when pulled… 

We also had to go pick up a load of hay so we had to stop by my old trainers so we could borrow the A’s truck, the girl who’d just moved out of my new barn.  Of course my old trainer wanted to know all about how Libby was, and she had lots of questions, including constantly asking/telling me that I need to come out for a lesson.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still like my old trainer, and I think she has a wealth of knowledge for me since she’s so good with green horses, but I can’t help but be totally annoyed with the whole situation.  Now that I’ve moved, and accidentally introduced her to several new boarders, she has time for me.  Why she wasn’t this attentive when I was actually there I have no idea….

Got the hay, rather uneventful trip, and delivered it to the barn.

March 16th: Was my sister-in-law-to-bes bridal shower, so I couldn’t get to the barn.  But I did have a great time with new soon-to-be family members and my mom, who needed a little vacation.

March 17th: Got back to town and went straight to the barn, only stopping to change at my apartment.  Got out there and groomed and tacked up Ms. Lib.  Went to get on and she was being bad again to mount.  So I made a little lesson of it, and when she tried to back up, I MADE her back up more.  She soon got the message that if she tried backing up to get away from the mounting block, she would have to do way more work so she stopped with that business.  Now she let me get on, but she still walked away from the block quickly, as if to get away.  This is new, and I don’t know what happened between when I left and now, but I don’t like the change. 

Our ride was great overall, but shes started with her little head shaking business, her little signal telling me she needs her teeth done.  Other then that she was a good girl.  A little too focused on the surrounding trees for me, but I made due.  Untacked her and groomed her up again. Did a little more mane pulling… Almost there!!!

Notice the half done half not done mane…

March 18th: Got out to the barn, and was talking to the barn owner about switching Libs stall to one where A’s horse just moved out of.  Fine with me, its closer to the tack room!!

Groomed Lib up good, I swear this horse gets dirty just so I have to groom her, and tacked up.  Went to get on her and decided I would walk her around a bit to warm up her muscles just a bit before I got on.  Getting on was easier, she still tried to back away once but remembered that it was a lot more work for her, but she still runs a bit when I get seated in the saddle.  Hm… Ride was okay, but her head shaking was ridiculous, to the point where she almost lost her footing because she was shaking her head so violently.  Gotta get the vet out ASAP, but I’m conflicted on who to use.  Down in South Florida, we had a specialized Equine Dentist, who was also a certified vet, but specialized in teeth.  I’ve never really been a fan of just vets doing them, since I feel like its sort of an art.  My vet says she’ll do them, but I was given two names of specialized dentists out here.  What do you guys use??  Your regular vet, or a specialist?

Full tail 🙂

 On another medical related note, finally got a call back from the chiro, and Lib is scheduled for an appointment March 30th!!!  Wooo! I’m really excited to hear what she says about her. 


9 thoughts on “March 15th-18th, 2013

  1. We have a dental DVM specialist out once a year and then a dentist who isn't a DVM out again at the end of the year so our horses are checked 2x a year.

    Odd about her strange behavior.


  2. I use a specialist, and have done both ways… but prefer the specialist. Love her tail! I'm going to try to pull Simon's mane that way. I've been cutting it in a way that looks like it's pulled, but still prefer pulling.


  3. I just always used a specialist back home, but I think I'm going to use the vet this time, since I know her so well. I'm sure shed let me know if she needs anything else, or any other work done.


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