March 19th, 2013

Got out to the barn later today, but thanks to daylight savings, I had a lot of light and time to work with. Got Libby out and groomed her up, and walked out to get on.

I did the same walking around a bit thing I’d done the day before to warm up her back a bit before I got on.  Now I don’t know if its from that, or from the fact that shes realized she can’t get away with stupid stunts like she was trying to pull, but her mounting issues have almost gone away completely.  You can still feel her tense up a bit when you swing your body over, but overall, much better and no more shooting forward! 

Today rode her in my twisted Dr. Bristol dee, and she was much better about her head shaking.  I’m having the vet come out tomorrow anyways to do her teeth, since she really is due.  Started walking her around, and she was feeling really sluggish.  Not to abnormal for her, but I got a little nervous.  Asked my friend K that I was riding with if she looked off, and she said no.  Hm, weird but she just didn’t feel right.  I thought maybe she was just having a back issue day so I kept her going, to see if she loosened up a bit.  She was a good girl throughout the whole ride though, which I’m happy about.  But right when I got off, I saw she was a bit short.  Ugh.  Good thing the vets coming out tomorrow anyways.  I am sticking to my belief that she will be miraculously fixed after the chiro, since I don’t want to even think about it, or think that shes going to become one of those always lame horses that no vet ever figure out the problem.  The chiro will fix everything!!! Right?

Anyways loved on her when I was finished, and groomed her up after our ride.  This horse will seriously give me a heart attack one day.  Why can’t she stay sound? And why did this all start up after I moved her??  I should just never move my horses anymore, since I don’t seem to have good luck with it. 

Making friends


8 thoughts on “March 19th, 2013

  1. Ugh I totally feel you, I feel like all of my horses primary and annoying soundness issues happened when I moved him to the main barn. I have an inkling on what could “fix” him but I need to get him to a manageable point before I can attempt it.


  2. Hmm… Sorry libs still seems off. Hopefully the chiro and teeth will help. I know that there is something called bridle lameness? Not really familiar with the term but I know that the people that I was going to buy the grey mare from initially thought that was her problem.

    Let us know how the vet appt goes 🙂


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