March 20th & 21st, 2013

 My little English pleasure horse: Summer 2012

March 20th: Got to the barn just in time for a torrential down pore.  Vet got there and I refreshed her on how Libby was short yet again the day before after our ride.  She gave her a thorough examination, and since it was raining, I trotted her for her inside the barn on the concrete.  And yet again, we can find nothing truly definitive that is wrong with her.  The vet was saying that the worst lameness issue she was seeing was with her right hock.  It was especially worse when I would turn her to the left, where she had to push off on her right hock.  So since she never seems to have swelling, or a real lameness, just an offness and a NQT feeling, I’ve been told to ride her in a regular program again, and if she starts with the offness, to continue riding her until she shows a definite lameness.  While this really makes me nervous, because it might exacerbate any problems she currently has, there’s really no other way to treat her, since we don’t know whats going on.  If she has any swelling, and heat, or anything out of the norm, I am to call the vet immediately and well go from there. Again here’s to hoping that my chiro visit on the 30th fixes all my problems.

After that Libby got her teeth done, the poor girl had little cuts all along her tongue.  Libbys teeth grow kind of strange in the sense that her hooks almost curve down towards her gums so they were really sharp and pointed at that right angle to cut her tongue.  Thankfully, its done though. 

And then, since she was due for her coggins, I last minute asked if we could do that now or if we had to wait for the drugs to subside, but she assured me we could do it then.  Libby had to have her coggins photos taken while she was drunk though! Which was kind of hilarious.

For some reason I’ve started conjuring up these awful scenarios in my head, of finding out that Libby had an awful injury as a filly, that affects her rideability and soundness for the future.  Gotta be optimistic I know, but its so hard at times like this!!


March 21st:  Tested Lib with the bridle to make sure she wasn’t too sore, and hopped on.  She was GREAT! Felt really good, really lazy but in her normal way.  Even hopped over a couple of fences, and cantered out of lines and she was great.  I was super excited to see that she was off at all!!

Brought her in and loved on her, and finally FINISHED her mane!!! Wohooo! After grooming her and getting her ready for turnout, I asked her to walk up to walk her out to the paddock, and wouldn’t you know, she was stiff.  Ugh.  I’m now researching like crazy to see if theres any known after exercise muscle tightness disorders, other then tying up.  Really looking forward to the chiro to hear what she says about her.

Oh hi Lib!

16 thoughts on “March 20th & 21st, 2013

  1. Hope that you get some answers. Did your vet give you any explanation for the hock stuff or what you will do if that is still bothering her after regular work? It's interesting to me that she is sore after work. I don't know a ton about that kind of lameness though.

    Love all the pictures!


  2. Not really answers, because shes just sore there. Theres no swelling anywhere on or near her hock, she isn't sensitive to palpating tendons or anything. Its just like shes sore for no reason.

    Its almost like her muscles contract and tense up after shes been worked. Its like a lactic acid build up but its not… So confusing!!


  3. We have been doing some carrot stretches which she seems to have really taken to. I'm hoping the chiro will give me some insight to some more stretches that might help her.


  4. Maybe there's something happening when you ride that's causing this? My mare is getting older, has some arthritis going on and some beginnings of hoof/foot issues going on up front but she stays sound as long as I ride her regularly and a particular way. As much as she and I would love to plod around on a long rein with her nose poked out on happy hacks it makes her very sore after. I have to make sure she doesn't rush, and is never ever with excess weight on her forehand. If not she sounds similar to Libby – sore but not lame, not one area you can pinpoint a problem with, etc.

    I've been guilty in the past (and I think lots of people are) of immediately calling the vet and assuming there's something medically wrong and don't think about how much we're influencing our horses every time we ride.


  5. The weirdest part of all this lameness is that it shows up more after our rides, when I'm finishing grooming her. Its almost like her muscles just tighten up after the rides and make her short. For the hock issue, I have a feeling that once I remove her back shoes she'll be a lot better. We'll see…


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