March 22nd & 23rd, 2013

Sorry I’m so behind!! I was waiting to see if my friend would upload the pictures and video she took of my lesson, but shes been having computer troubles, so I just got some of them.

Friday I had a lesson, and was pretty excited for it, since I’ve only had one before with her.  Well Libby was not having it.  Granted this was the first real jumping lesson I’ve had on the princess in oh say about 2 months, so things got kind of hairy.  She started of incredibly lazy, and I even had to get my spurs, which I haven’t used with her in a while.

Note to self: in a first jumping lesson on your horse, a baby horse that hasn’t really been jumped in a while, use a bit you know she respects, like the pelham.

Basically the whole lesson was a tug of war match, of which she would win every time.  I was instructed to use the one reined stop once or twice, and I did them, but I really don’t think they help at all.  Eventually we just ended on a better note and called it a day, but I was still happy with her and my lesson despite how horrid she was.  Had a long talk with the trainer afterwards, to which we discussed the plan with her and bitting, and she expressed that she feels the only way Lib will respect the bit is to one rein stop her any time she lugs on me.  I immediately said no to that, in the nicest possible way though.  I really don’t believe in them AT ALL, and I have never met a trainer that uses them so much in her training.  So that we’ll have to find a different plan for, but she did express that we need to do a lot of work on getting Libby to use her hind end correctly, which I understand.  I think that is really the root of her issues, because her hind end will trail out behind her, and she’ll just drop on the forehand, making any sort of adjustments super difficult for me.  All in good time though.

I thought my old habit of holding in the air was done, ughhh


Good girl.

Saturday, got to the barn in the hopes I could squeeze in a quick ride before the rains that we are supposed to be having.  Got her tacked up quickly, and got on.  She felt great today, rode with my pelham, and so I decided to do a little over fences work, just to see if she’d do the same bulging forehand stuff that she tried yesterday.  Of course, she was so much better today, be it because of the bit change, or because she’d gotten out her willys the day before, but I was so proud of her.  I was a bit worried though, because she was very late in leaving the ground and taking off over the jumps.  I think I spoke about this earlier when my trainer was riding her before the show, but she’ll fit in like a tiny stride before the jump, even with a perfectly good distance.  Its almost like she doesn’t want to leave the ground yet, so she’ll fit one in.  She got a lot better as the ride went on, but I think this has to do with her hock issue that we are trying to sort out now.    I think I should get her hind shoes removed, and see if that makes any difference…

And more pics:

Booty shot of the Libster

She looks huge!


14 thoughts on “March 22nd & 23rd, 2013

  1. She does look BIG in the second to last picture.

    Not trying to persuade you one way or another but did want to share my personal experience with shoes and the relation to joint wether it be hocks or stifle… In my experience the shoes really help a horse that is having hind end issues because they give extra support and traction. If you mention her trailing out behind (which sounds like more of a semantics issue) then I feel like removing shoes could make things worse? But maybe I misunderstood your reasoning for removing the shoes. I think that maybe Karley (All In) removed Henry's hind shoes and experienced some hind end stuff (not sure if it was actually related to that or what she ended up doing but just a thought).

    Hope you can get it sorted out. And apologize if my rambling advice was unwanted – disregard if so 🙂 Houston also likes to add that extra step but I think that is more my issue than his and he also isn't comfortable yet with the longer stride.

    LOVE the pictures 🙂


  2. Not using her hind end properly could also be a factor in her soreness. Perhaps send some video of your lesson to the vet? Its easier to see when she's working rather than just jogging on the lead.


  3. I love everyones comments!! It gives me some ideas, that maybe I haven't thought of yet. The only reason why I say she might be better without the shoes is because all these issues started after we put the hind shoes on. She's never had such problems with her hocks until now. And I had spoken with my vet who was telling me that certain horses who step as flat footed as she does tend to become sore from them, and she had reasoning behind it that I just can't remember now.

    When I say trailing, she just doesn't use her hind end correctly. She tends to get on the forehand with her hind end just following along, rather then propelling her like it should.

    And thanks!! I really tried to get some, since my blog has been so barren lately.


  4. The horse I ride used to be really bad with his hocks and stiff and have back end issues when he had shoes on his back, he'd stamp his foot, go backwards however since he's had no shoes on his back he hasn't had this problem but this could be a coincidence because he also got a new trainer at the same time.


  5. Yea I think it is for sure… The vet has seen the worst of her soreness, which is when she thought maybe getting the shoes off would help. Hopefully it will!


  6. I think what 1 rein stops are good for is keeping the horse from taking off with you, don't know about using them 100% of the time. Good advice from above concerning her hind end. Time to condition it!


  7. Yep the Henry needed the support from the shoes, his hind feet were to short once we took the shoes off- if I had time to give him time off then maybe his feet would be ok.. he's ridden hard- jumped 3-4 times a week and ridden 5-6 times a week.

    I am sure that you will figure out what works best for Libby 🙂

    Also if she is not using her hind end right/enough, maybe that step she is adding is bc she is weak? I am not trainer just a thought though 🙂


  8. ^ I agree 1 rein stops are for shutting down a horse that's trying to take off, half-halts and backing I thought were more for getting a horse to listen to your aids. That's at least more how it works with the horse I lesson on and my trainer. But there are as many different training styles as horse breeds, to some point just have to do what works for your horse.

    I love your pics, I can't get over how pretty Libby is


  9. 1 rein stops are emergency only IMO. I think if they're over used, they'll teach your horse he has no where to go and sometimes they start to go up from that restrictiveness… the pictures look lovely though. She is such a looker.


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