March 25th, 2013

Saturday night, I helped my friend breed minis.  Random, I know, but it was an experience I won’t forget!!! HA She is barn sitting for a mini farm, and I came out to help.  And got to see a young mini colt!

Sunday, we had terrible weather, and we were under tornado watches pretty much the whole day.  So I wasn’t able to go out.

Monday, the weather was gorgeous!  I got out there, brought Lib in from turnout, and began grooming the disgusting beast.  If anyone ever thought that a black horse would hide dirt, they are so wrong.  I feel like she ALWAYS looks dirty!

Libby is not amused

Anyways got on, and sent her to work right away.  Did some shortenings/lengthenings, which is pretty hard for her considering the ring is on somewhat of a hill.  But she figured it out.  Did some turn on the forehands, and lots of serpentines.  Also worked on her canter departs, which are so lacking, and after a while she got it.  Overall she was a good girl, a little spooky towards the bush side of the ring, but she held it together, and we had a great ride. 

I need to darken this bridle… HATE light bridles on dark horses!

Brought her in the barn and loved on her.  Gave her a little haircut, her bridlepath, muzzle and ears were looking scraggly, and hosed her down before it got to cold.  I really wish this barn had warm water, because I feel like the freezing water is not good at all for her muscles after a workout.  I know they plan on putting it in, but I wonder how soon that’ll be…

I am so excited for this Saturday!! I really want to know what opinions this chiro has on Libby.  I’ve always loved watching them work too.  

Gorgeous day!
Grazing after our ride 🙂

17 thoughts on “March 25th, 2013

  1. She is gorgeous! Seriously!!

    If you want to email me at thewholesomehorse @ yahoo . com I can tell you some more about the magrestore. I will post a review on it in the near future as well, but if you were looking for something to try ASAP, I might be able to help you out.



  2. I so agree about light bridles on dark horses. My Pessoa saddle is too light for my taste but until I get a set horse, its comfy and works for most. I like dark tack in general no matter the horse color.


  3. Love the pictures. That bridle really is light… Did you just get it? I hadn't noticed it before is why I ask. Interested to see what the chiro says. Strengthening her hiney could really help you. I think all horses can benefit from butt exercises. I think that often we (as riders) don't realize how little we are actually working them. I definitely need to get on it with Hue especially given his somewhat weak stifles. Anyways glad you had a good ride! That mini is adorable. I want one! But only sometimes haha – not when it's time to pay for it!


  4. No I've had it for a long time, but never used it. Its the same as my other bridle, but for some reason where my other bridle darkened quickly to a nice deep brown, this one is really stubborn. 😦

    The minis are definitely cute, but not in the cards for me at least until I have my own property 😉


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