MArch 29th, 2013

In all the craziness that has been this week for me I totally forgot something HUGE!!! I am a horrible owner!!!

March 26th, 2007 a beautiful little black filly was born at Mapleside breeding farm.  Yep, I missed Libbys birthday 😦 In my defense I’d only learned of her actual birth date not to long ago, but still…  I was also told she was younger when I bought her, but my little girl is 6! I am making up for my awful lack of birthday love for her in bringing her lots of treaties, and a carrot cake later today.  Now that I have time to relax and take a second to breathe, I’ve been trying to find any baby pictures of her that I can that I don’t already have. 

So cute!!

Anyways, that’s all I have for right now.  I’ll be going out there later today to give her all her goodies, and play with her.  And of course try on half of her birthday present (the blankets)!!


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