March 29th and 30th, 2013

Friday- Got out to the barn to give Libby her little birthday celebration.  They didn’t have a normal sized carrot cake, so I just went with A LOT of treats.  She was a happy girl for sure.  Had a very light ride on her.  Basically just put her through her gaits, and brought her back in.  She was a good girl, LAZY again though.  I rode in spurs, and I sometimes just don’t even feel like she realizes I’m wearing them.  Ugh.  She’s getting there but, man she makes me work hard.

Brought her in and gave her even more treats, and hosed her off.  For whatever reason, the hose only puts out FREEZING water, so I took Libby out into the sun afterwards in the hopes that she would warm back up quickly.  Since they started feeding the horses, I took her feed out into the grass with me, and she ate her dinner in the sun.  I think thats a great little birthday celebration for her. 🙂

Pretty girl 🙂

She says no work today please!?!?

Beautiful day out

Tried on the new blanket when she finally dried off, and I don’t think it fits 😦 It is still a bit tight at her shoulders, and its slightly short in length for her.  So back to the drawing board with that.  By the time I finally find one, winter will be over already…

Just too snug in the shoulders…

Saturday- As everyone knows, today the chiro is coming out!! Dropped off the blanket that didn’t fit at the tack store, and headed out to the barn to ride before the chiro came out. 

Libby was good again, basically had the same ride as yesterday.  Lib was lazy as ever of course.  Didn’t exactly have any time to do a long hard ride, but I did get to squeeze in a couple fences.  She was overall a really good girl. 

Finished up and groomed her quickly before the chiro got there.

Chiro got there, and I explained everything over again about everything thats been happening with Lib.  She did a body scan with the pen, and immediately asked me if she could see my saddle.  Oh no I thought…

She got out my saddle took a quick look at it, and told me that it seems like Libbys body is trying to fill out EVEN MORE in her wither area, and the spot where the stirrup bar is recessed in the saddle is making her extremely sore. She was even a bit inflamed in that area.  She told me that she could adjust her if I wanted her to, but that it wouldn’t make sense to do so, because she truly believes the saddle is the culprit.  She saw how my face fell immediately when she said that, and told me that it seems like the saddle had fit at one point, since she isn’t atrophied in that area. 

Can anyone tell how frustrated I am.  I understand that she is growing, but ugh.  We already went this route last time!  And last time were looking we had no luck finding anything with a u-shaped tree that I or Libby liked.  Everything seemed like too much saddle, or Libby just didn’t like it at all.  I’m so frustrated, I just can’t believe it.  I did get the contact info for another independent fitter so maybe she’ll be better able to help me then the last one was.


18 thoughts on “March 29th and 30th, 2013

  1. That's so frustrating, you poor girl!! I know you've already been through a lot trying to get the perfect saddle for both of you. =-(

    Happy Belated Birthday to your gorgeous girl!


  2. Yeek 😦 I'm so sorry. Is there any way that if you had to go new and custom you could trade your butet in?
    I'm sorry it's saddle fit but glad nothing more serious in terms of pain/ injury is bothering Libby. I hope that you can get it worked out


  3. Me too. And very true. From what the chiro was saying everything, including the weird shortness in her front, could be attributed to this. So hopefully once this is sorted out, everything else will go back to normal.


  4. I don't know. The only companies I know that do trade ins are Antares and CWD and I honestly don't want to have to pay out of pocket for a brand new one…

    And your right, at least its not something serious like an injury or whatever. Just super frustrating..


  5. Ugh, how frustrating. Tell that silly Libby mare to stop growing already!!

    Hope your hunt is easier this time around. Fingers crossed the independent fitter is helpful.


  6. Promise outgrew 3 saddles in a year. But, once I found one that fit us both, I was done – thank god! I ended up with a County Symmetry. It is by far the best saddle I have ever jumped and/or ridden in. And, of course, the added bonus was, it fit my hard-to-fit warmblood cross. Check them out:


  7. Just read that our horses are the same age – 6 🙂 Agree with Promise – I went with a County, but I ride dressage so it is the County Connection. Really love my saddle, but it does need checked every 6 months and re-fitted. Good luck in your search!


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