March 31st-April 2nd, 2013

Not a whole lot to update you guys on. 

Sunday I was so frustrated with the whole saddle situation that I stayed home and did hw all day.  I had emailed and messaged numerous people, but since it was Easter Weekend, I had yet to get a response from anyone, understandably. 

Monday, got a call in the early morning from the fitter.  I set up an appt with her, but I have to trailer Libby to meet her, since shes not local.  Heres to hoping Libby will be a good girl for that!  And heres to hoping that we can make my saddle work someway somehow!!

Got out to the barn after classes to ride.  For some reason, its been really hard for me to wake up lately, and I haven’t exactly felt the best.  Super achy and just hard to wake up.  I hope I’m not getting sick or anything… Anyways got out to the barn, and I was super happy to see Libby.  Even though it had only been one day, I missed the tubby girl.   Groomed her really quick, since I knew it was getting close to feed time, and tacked her up, this time trying the saddle with just a regular pad and no half pad, just to see if it made any difference.  Rode her in the sand ring, and she was a really good girl.  She really hates the sand ring, as do I, so I was really proud of her.  Didn’t do too much, just some serpentines and figure eights, and some turn on the forehands.  Overall she was really good.  Super lazy yet again, my fault for not wearing spurs, but better response time, and she was being very attentive.  Good girl Libby 🙂

Ugh the color!!!
Sweet girl

Just as I was bringing her in, they were feeding so I quickly untacked and brought her around to the wash area so we weren’t in the way.  Hosed her down a bit, and grazed her until she felt cooler. 

Lipstick 🙂

While I was grazing her, one of the little riders was playing with her pony.  I think Libbys trick of bowing may have inspired her, since she was trying to teach her pony the same trick.  It was semi hilarious watching this, since her pony is the typical old schoolie type, that only wants to eat grass.  The poor girl was getting so frustrated, so I just had her come to Libby and ask Libby to do it once or twice.  And since there was a treat, Libby was all too happy to do whatever that little girl wanted.  Such a good girl!

When she’d finally cooled off I brought her in, and took pictures of my saddle so I could send them to my friend with the consignment business.  The one I’d actually purchased the saddle from last year.  I’d told her that I was probably going to be in the market for a new saddle, one wider then my current one, and I told her the problems Libby was having with the current one.  She told me to look on her website at one she just got in, that she thought would fit perfectly.  She said she’d only give me 3,000 for my saddle though in exchange for more for the other saddle, which I wasn’t happy about.  But I looked on her site, and of course the saddle she was talking about was about 5k.  NOT HAPPENING!  And if thats all she’s going to give me for my saddle, I might as well sell it myself. 

Why can’t you fit!!!!
The only imperfection on the whole saddle, thanks to my fall at the show where the golf cart hit us 😦

Tuesday, I woke up and again I felt terrible.  Went to one of my classes, and then went to the infirmary on campus.  I should’ve made an appt I know now, because I walked in and the wait time was close to an hour.  😦 I didn’t have time for that, so I went home to study, and then to my friends place to study, since they just got a puppy in to foster.  So Libby got another day off, which I’m sure she is happy about.  I honestly feel terrible riding her in the saddle when I can see after my ride that shes swollen near her withers from it.  Only three more days until the fitting 🙂

Adorable puppy…


6 thoughts on “March 31st-April 2nd, 2013

  1. What kind of saddle is the one that doesn't fit? That's really too bad that you aren't going to be able to get your money for it. Hopefully something works out 😦


  2. Sorry that you can't get more. I would say that it might be harder for you to sell it yourself? I guess it will depend on how old the saddle is. Hope the fitting goes well. And feel better!


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