April 4th, 2013

I had planned to go out later yesterday, but then the rains came.  Was probably a good thing since it gave me more time to relax.  Like I said before, I haven’t been feeling so great lately.

Today got out to the barn, and it was HUMID, which of course doesn’t make me not feeling well any better.  But I knew if I was going to take the Lib off property, more on that later, that I would NEED to ride her, since it had been two days off for her.  Got to the barn and since I was normally down for a Thursday lesson, she asked if I still wanted one.  So I said sure. 

Lib was FRESH and high as a kite.  Of course her fresh isn’t anything neat catastrophic, more so just a random burst of energy and not paying attention to me.  But me being in my sickened state, I was not having it, and I hate to say but I was being a bit of a dictator.  She was nice a forward, but in an up and down sort of way, not a lengthening or going really forward way, if that makes any sense.  After working her on the flat to where she seemed sensible, we did a little jumping exercise, the same one we done the lesson before.  Libby was ok, but rushy throughout the exercise, and then would just LAY on me on the landing side.  After about five times of half halts not working, I’d had enough and had a little fit with her.  She was obviously very surprised at my abrupt halt, that she started hopping with her front end.  I’m sorry Mrs. Libby but I was in no state to be messed with!  Thankfully after that she listened and payed attention to my whoas, and half halts, so it wasn’t all for naught. 

After the lesson brought her in and gave her all the treaties I had, since I was feeling especially guilty.  Gave her a bath and turned her out sans boots since they really needed to be washed. 

Onto the fitting session.  L, my trainer at this farm, let me know that because they were going to the schooling show in the area, they probably won’t be able to trailer me until later then expected, around 4:30.  I had to let the fitter know that I don’t have my own trailer, and that my ride can’t take me at the time we’d set up for.  So I’d asked her if there was anyway possible that she could come to our farm, and L let me know that if she needed stalls for her horses, she was welcome to use any of the empty ones from the horses that would be at the show, as long as they were cleaned afterwards, which is fine.  I’m still waiting to hear back from her, as she had to check with the rest of the people going with her.  But here’s to hoping that she can because it would make life so much easier for me. 

Let you guys know what happens!!


6 thoughts on “April 4th, 2013

  1. I don't think you should feel bad for being the dictator 🙂 If you don't nip things in the bud you will have a monster on your hands later down the road 🙂

    Hope the fitting goes well… did I miss something? Are you getting a new saddle?!


  2. I just always feel so guilty!!

    Yes, the chiro found that Libbys weird lameness and basically all her little issues are mostly due to the saddle being too narrow. She's filling out, yet again, and the recessed stirrup bars and making her uncomfortable….


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