April 5, 2013

After going back and forth with the fitter all day, trying to find out a way to get me there, or to try and get her to me to do the fitting, she eventually just said she didn’t think it was going to work out.  Yep thats right, she flaked on me. 

Ended up sending out a huge amount of emails to every rep I know, Just trying to get SOMETHING and SOMEONE to help me.  I’m so tired of this…

Got out to the barn late yesterday, but got her tacked up and groomed up.  She was disgusting when I got her out of her stall, what with the ground being a bit mucky in her paddock from all the rain were having.  Got her cleaned up though, and walked her out to ride. 

She was again up.  But its not even an up that gives me more energy and horse, its an up that gives me a spooky, ADD horse.  Oh babies.  I keep feeling like I’ve just been all up in her mouth lately, and I can’t help but feel like we’ve regressed as a team since we’ve moved. I just feel like when I was with my old trainer, we were doing so much more, doing actual courses, and I was feeling really great and fluid with her.  Now I feel so disjointed, and we’ve been stuck on just little grid exercises.  Not saying that they aren’t helping a little, but I haven’t done a full course in months.  Ugh Depressing and pessimistic thoughts aside, we did end on a good note.  Ended with a nice stretchy trot, and brought her in for her daily overdose of treats and lovin. 

Cute Lib, with Juppy photobombing in the back

Showed my friend K her swelling area right near the wither.  She was pretty amazed that Libby would be having such a reaction, as am I.  Just makes me want every rep to come out and help me, now!

So no fitter, and at this point, no reps are coming to help us.  AGHH I HATE SADDLE SHOPPING!!


10 thoughts on “April 5, 2013

  1. How frustrating! Maybe you should talk to your new trainer about your concerns and goals. There are always UPS and downs, but you should generally feel like you are making gains overall. Libs is so cute…beautiful aisle!


  2. Perhaps your trainer could mix gymnastics with a course. Gymnastics are important, but so is practicing riding a course. Sorry about the saddle fitter. Hope you find someone soon!


  3. Sorry you're frustrated. Things will improve. Good luck with reps. I feel like many can't work on other saddles? But maybe could help you find something used?


  4. The weird thing is she doesn't even set the ring up to be able to use a full course. The ring is huge, but the way she sets up fences makes turns sharp and not huntery courses at all.


  5. So frustrated. And thanks. I'm honestly now just seeing what brands are easier to work with as its not like I have access to an independent fitter anyways…


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