April 6th & 7th, 2013

Saturday: Today was just a day full of confusion, stress, and frustration for me.

We were running really low on hay, but my friend K decided to go to a scrimmage football game instead of pick up hay like we said we were going to.  Had to grab a bale from the feed store to hold them over before we could get them more. 

Spoke to my current trainer about all the thoughts I’ve been having about Libby and mines progression.  And I honestly don’t think she understood what I was saying.  I talked to her about how I had been doing real courses and she kind of just brushed it off.  Was super confused and decided to go out to the show to see some friends show with my old trainer. 

My old friend C did awesome and totally cleaned up in her division, on a sale horse shed only ridden once before! I was so proud of her, and it was awesome to see how great she was doing.  Watched my other friend A and L, who were from the barn I’m at now, and they also did great, and pinned well. 

After watching them, and seeing how good everyone was doing, I really felt like I’d made the wrong choice in switching.  Yes, the care at the facility I’m at is better because they basically do anything I ask, but is that an equal trade off for training?  Talked with literally anyone who wanted to listen, and everyone says the same thing to me, weigh the pros and cons again.  C, my friend at my old trainers, reminded me that the things that I was so unhappy with were such miniscule things, like not putting Libbys hock boots on at night and such.  I spoke to her about my stuff being used and stolen, and she assured me that none of her stuff is ever used anymore, since they had a talking with the barn owner.

Keeping in mind that that one show experience was awful for me, and she didn’t do the things I’d asked her to do bit wise, I do realize that she was going through a hard time herself with her grandfather.  Of course at the time I believed that she should make time for me regardless of the situation, but after living through a similar situation myself, it puts things into perspective for me. 

As you guys can tell, I’m super confused and stressed about this.  Of course. 

It doesn’t help either that my parents said that the decision is mine, since the two options are very similar in price.  I hate making these types of decisions!!

Anyways, said goodbye to my friends, and went out to hack Libby.  It was hot out, and she was a good girl, moving up when I asked, and with minimal lookiness today.  Didn’t do too much since it was super late, but I was really happy with our ride.  Our walk to canter transitions are MUCH better then before, so after getting a couple good ones, I ended on that.  Gave her lots of treats and hosed her down.  Took some pictures/video of her back so I could send them to a rep, and thought, why not post them here.  You can kind of see the swelling I was talking about before on her left side.

Sunday: The persons truck we thought we were borrowing to pick up hay forgot he had somewhere to be, so we couldn’t use his truck.  And of course the feed stores are all closed so we couldn’t even go to pick up an extra bale to hold them over until Monday.  So we went in my friend Ks’ little CRV and shoved as many bales of hay in there that we could.  We got to 5.  And since I’m going to be studying for my chem exam all week, Ks going to have to grab the rest with the owner of the barn. 

Spoke to K about what she thinks about everything, taking into consideration that Ks been on a bit of a senior going out binge, and hasn’t ridden her horse in a while.  She expressed the same things everyone else has said to me, that I basically need to make a list.  She said that out here theres always some aspect of boarding that falls short at every facility.  Which is so true out here.  So I have some thinking to do, and fast. 

In other news, was able to schedule an appointment with a Voltaire rep to come out this Tuesday!! Heres to hoping he doesn’t flake and that I actually get to have the fitting done.

K decided not to ride, but to take pictures of me and Lib, which I don’t have yet.  Got on her and she was super lazy.  It was really hot out, like high 80’s, so Lib was extra lazy.  Since she wasn’t listening to my spurs, I decided to be brave and hold a crop.  She was SO GOOD! I was so proud! She wasn’t over sensitive to it or anything!! I should have stopped after flatting her with it. 

Decided to go over some jumps since K was taking pictures, and Lib was really good for the first half.  But she started getting tired, and I started nitpicking her, and it just wasn’t pretty.  I was so frustrated at her, but mostly at myself.  I should have been done when she was being so good, and not pushed her in the heat.  And I was again super frustrated because before we’d left my old trainers, I’d been doing courses, and now a little crossrail line is giving us issues.  K could tell I was getting super angry at myself so she walked away to tend to the puppy shes fostering while I got a hold of myself. 

Got off, still gave her her treaties, and hosed her down.  It was too hot to graze her, shed just bake, so I put her in her stall and toweled her dry. 

That ride really made me think long and hard about everything.  And of course, I’m leaning towards leaving.  I’m just really confused… It’ll all work out in the end right?


12 thoughts on “April 6th & 7th, 2013

  1. Is there any way that your trainer from the old barn would be allowed or willing to come train you at the new barn? If the major concern you have with your new trainer is that she's not helping you progress, I wouldn't let it lie. You should bring it up with her again – even do so during your next lesson and ask if you can have a course set up. You pay her to help you, after all.


  2. I'm so sorry to hear that things aren't going the way you want 😦

    I've had to have similar “heart to hearts” with myself in the last few months, trying to decide what is most important to me. For me, I always remember the happy parts of where I've been, and sometimes what made me miserable before seems to not be a big deal, once I'm out of that situation.

    Take some time to think about it — Libby is getting good care, she looks fabulously happy and healthy — which gives you time to make a decision.

    I'm also going to make one other point — I believe that a boarding situation AND a trainer has to be right for both owner and horse. If the situation isn't right for you, don't be afraid to try something else. Maybe it will be a mistake, but maybe it won't — sometimes you never know until you try.

    I'm sending good vibes your way and I hope things get less stressful soon!


  3. Sorry, some decisions you just don't know how they really will go til you try. I know from a voyeur prospective, it seems like you are happier with Libby's care at the new place, but I know especially to those who want to show, a good trainer is crucial.

    Maybe take your old Pro/Con list from the old facility and make a fresh one for where you area at now and compare. I would also ask around at your old place to see if the negative things have changed, and for how long.

    In the mean time I guess just ask your trainer if you can maybe finish you lessons with a little course so that you both keep in practice? If she won't really push her for a why, and see if maybe you can come to an agreement.

    Hope you get it all figured out, Libby's such a pretty girl!


  4. Hmm what a hard situation.. I just know that the crazy things that were going on with your old barn were not good. I know now that it is over it's easy to forget them or what not but keep in mind what was going on and if you are able to live with that.

    I know you talked about this before, but maybe try and get a lesson once in a while with your old trainer?

    Seems like as a whole you are happier and riding more 🙂 But you have to do whats best for you and Libby so do what makes you happy! 🙂

    Good luck!


  5. I think your friends gave you good advice – pros and cons. Also, which barn do you enjoy the people more at? That's what is keeping me at my current place, the amazing people. Excited about Voltaire coming out… I'm kind of obsessed with them.


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